Attraction to transsexual women

If you like transsexual women, but for some reason you feel guilty, and you start questioning your sexual orientation, in this case you’re not alone. Lots of men who are attracted to trans ladies, especially after a date with them including intimacy and sex, start wondering if they are gay or not. However, you don’t have to worry – there is a clear and appropriate term “trans-oriented man” to describe the feelings that you experience towards trans women. This term is just beginning to take root in the western world, and it refers to the men who have an emotional and sexual attraction to transgender women. In other words, trans-oriented men see trans women as their perfect partners for an actual commitment and longterm relationships – dating transgenders

Transsexual grace and beauty

Today’s society gradually accepts trans community, being transgender is no longer a taboo or deviated behavior. Old misconceptions and stereotypes are slowly fading, and in this way, transsexual women finally start getting such deserved respect and recognition. Earlier the reputation of trans women has been mostly affected by the sex industry that exploited the unique androgyny image of these ladies. Therefore they began to be perceived by many men as a sort of fetish or an object of desire. Moreover, the porn industry sends a wrong message that only feminine trans women are worthy of being transsexual, because all successful actresses in such movies look exactly like genetic women.

Fortunately, the more society learns about trans women the more acceptance they get. And considering the fact that lately the situation is changing for the better, they can finally find caring and loving partners to create meaningful relationships with. As for example, our decent and reliable dating site – MyTransgenderCupid – offers all single trans ladies a quality place to meet and date decent men from all over the world!
A lot of men begin to question their orientation when they realize that they are attracted to trans women assuming they’re gay or homosexual. However, in fact, the major part of trans-oriented men are straight or heterosexual. The most recent studies have shown that men like trans women for their feminine manners and beauty. While gays prefer someone who demonstrates a manly alpha male behavior.

Men find transsexual women attractive for their grace, feminine manners and their style of dress, but not for masculine traits. That’s why, if a man likes trans ladies, don’t assume he is gay. However, considering this fact trans-oriented men are not trying to repress homosexuality.

Looking for love and happy relationship

There are many reasons why men start dreaming about transsexual girlfriend. Most of them are straight, having a relationship or just divorced. They are often disappointed by their marriage and, consequently, by genetic women in general. As the result these men begin looking for an alternative. Only some of them previously had a homosexual experience. The most frequent reason why men choose transsexual women is that they just loose interest in genetic women. So if you like trans ladies and look for sincere and genuine relationships with them, MyTransgenderCupid is here for your service!