I must admit that when I first joined MyTransgenderCupid, probably the best Transgender dating site on the internet, I didn’t tell any of my friends.

I’ve always liked and been fascinated by Transgender women. But some of my friends just wouldn’t understand. I don’t think they are Transphobic, or even Homophobic, for that matter. However, as you know, men can engage in banter which might give the impression that they are. It’s sad to say but some men still think negatively about Trans women.

Leslie raised a glass of red wine in his right hand and proposed a toast. “Here’s to MyTransgenderCupid, the best TS dating site on the internet,” he said. “The site which helped me find the T-girl of my dreams, Katie! Cheers!”

I smiled across the table at him and raised my own wine glass, touching it gently against his. “Cheers to you too, Leslie! Here’s to another great year and to many more. I’m so happy we met!”

If you look through some of the better quality Transgender dating sites such as MyTransgenderCupid, you may notice some subtle changes over the last year or so. It’s the same as if you look through articles or features in the media, either in printed or digital form, about Trans women.

Times have changed and there has been an evolution across Europe and the US in the language by which most people use to refer to T-girls.

Hey, is that a dating site for Transgender women you are looking at?” I asked Lindsay, a T-girl friend of mine. I was looking over her shoulder at her laptop screen.

“Yes, it’s MyTransgenderCupid, one of the best sites for Trans women looking to find men to date in London,” she replied. “Come and sit here next to me and I’ll show you how it works.”

I had agreed to meet Lindsay in Starbucks in central London as today was a very special day for me. A cause for some sort of celebration!