Let’s talk about one of the most delicate and perhaps even embarrassing topics – it’s a first experience of meeting a transgender woman.

As any kind of trying something at first time it can bring a feeling of fear and awkwardness, but at the same time it’s a part of adventure or making dreams come true. In some cases, the relationship develops naturally starting from “get to know each other” that grows into something more. Some men turn to transgender services websites, in other words, escort service. But no matter whatever way it occurs, most of the men have similar feelings and wondering the same questions afterwards.

Remember how in 2015 rumors about Keanu Reeves dating trans actress Jamie Clayton caused a real sensation in mass media?

But what’s special about cisgender man dating transgender woman to get so much attention? Did this really put into question Reeve’s sexuality? Or is there still someone doubting about Jamie Clayton’s femininity? Yea, a lot of questions right from the beginning. But we are here to make a point and to break down the myth about cis men who date transwomen instantly becoming gay. Sometimes the lack of knowledges about transgender community makes cis people calling into question the femininity of trans women which leads to attempts of misgendering them. So let’s look closely at the concept “transgender” one more time to confirm that trans women are real women.

Perhaps one of the most frequently asked questions from the men that look for trans girlfriends is about where they can meet transsexual singles.

Or how to arrange a date with trans lady? Or is there anyone to introduce to transgender woman? And considering that a search through the dark streets of your city is unlikely to be in your plans (especially as you would hardly find someone decent and sincere there), we selected for you the most easy and efficient ways to meet trans singles.

This time let’s clarify who transgender and transsexual women are, and is it worth questioning their femininity and womanhood.

Nowadays we observe a tendency where trans women claim to be the real women, and even the concept “trans” should be removed from the reference to the women who were assigned males at birth. In contrast to this point of view there is still a large number of people that strongly dispute or just doubt those claims. To look into this matter let’s see what the concept “transgender” does mean, and is it the latest “fashion”or genuine self-identity, after all.