Did you end the old year single because you did not find someone special? Don’t give up! My Transgender Cupid will reveal some of the benefits for being single and how to start over in your quest to find love.

We’ve all had friends or relatives that seem to find their perfect soulmate quickly while the rest of us just stumble along and never find what we are looking for. Why is that? Just like many other endeavors in life, it’s being in the right place at the right time. That does not mean you should just give up, you must be patient and maybe redefine your “requirements” in a transsexual partner.

Tinder is the most widely-used dating app in the world and millions of people have used this platform for dating and starting relationships. This convenient, easy-to-use app allows users to swipe right if they would like to connect with a profile, or swipe left to decline a profile. Many people like how easy it is to match with or turn down profiles and thoroughly enjoy their experience on this app. Transgender individuals, however, may not find this app as easy to use. Online dating can be quite challenging and even dangerous for many trans folks, and popular dating apps, like Tinder, don’t make it easier. Is Tinder safe for transgender people to use? Let’s talk about it.

Now, I go over myself and transgender people a lot – But it’s not every day I write about Cis gender, people who use Queer for their title, non binary – Demi people, etc. I know all of these type of people, so I have a good take on it in my opinion.

Me; I’m Diana, A transgender female, writer and 19 years old. I live with my boyfriend (who I’ve met on this TS dating site), kitty, and I write for my own small personal business. I have been transgender since I was 10-12, and I am content and happy with the woman I now am.

Dating. We all know it, TS dating sites, dating via long distance relationships, we all know what online dating is. Be honest, it’s the main form of romance at this point.

But sometimes you just can’t find the right people, that’s why you’re here friend. You’re on the trans female side of Online TS Dating! Transgenders are unique. Sometimes they look and sound a different gender, but that’s not what their genitalia says. Now, you’ve come to the right place. Weather your transgender looking for people alike, or you just want to try out a new relationship; Welcome, If you would like to continue reading on the topic of trans dating; please read below!