There is a lot of competition for transgender women from all the admiring men who join specialized trans dating, hoping to find the T-girl of their dreams. You only have to look at the ever-increasing numbers of men who join TS dating site to realize just how popular dating a Transgender woman has become.

Of course, social media, as well as mainstream media such as TV, has had a great role to play in this phenomenon. Trans women are everywhere. You can see them on You Tube, Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok. You can see them on TV shows, in documentaries or files; even watch them on their own v-blog posts

If you have made a decision to date a Transgender woman, make sure you go about it the right way. Of course, your objective is to find the true love of your life. But are you truly ready to start looking for a Trans woman of your dreams? Everyone who joins a Transgender dating site has the same intentions, so you need to be “a cut above the rest”. You need to stand out from the other men looking to find and date a genuine Trans lady to be their life partner.

Even for those Trans-attracted men who are members of MyTransgenderCupid, and looking to date a Transgender woman, sometimes things can get a little confusing.

There are so many misconceptions and misunderstandings about dating Trans women, it’s easy to get carried away with the hype.

Naturally, if you are looking to date a Trans woman, you want to know as much of the truth as you can. No place here for “fake news”! So, let’s try and debunk some of the more common myths about Transgender women before you attempt to date one. Or even if you do know most things about T-girls, treat this as a sort of refresher course…