Even for those Trans-attracted men who are members of MyTransgenderCupid, and looking to date a Transgender woman, sometimes things can get a little confusing.

There are so many misconceptions and misunderstandings about dating Trans women, it’s easy to get carried away with the hype.

Naturally, if you are looking to date a Trans woman, you want to know as much of the truth as you can. No place here for “fake news”! So, let’s try and debunk some of the more common myths about Transgender women before you attempt to date one. Or even if you do know most things about T-girls, treat this as a sort of refresher course…

Interest in dating Transgender women continues to increase. And for good reasons.

And increase. And increase…. Honestly, even though we run a dating site dedicated to TS dating, even we are at My Transgender Cupid are surprised by the huge upturn in numbers of men looking to date Trans women.

Sure, we all know that men have always dated Trans women but this previously was not so overt. Typically, dating a Trans woman was something to be kept to oneself. To be locked away in your personal memory bank and only revealed when and if someone else realized your date was Trans.

I think it was one of the other Trans women at my support group who gave me the link for MyTransgenderCupid a few days before February 14th, Valentine’s Day.

I remember her saying that she had used the site and found it was perfect for dating men who like Trans women. Valentine’s Day is a big thing in the US, the time when you do your best to find a new admirer or lover and build a relationship. After all, it’s the most romantic day of the year.

“MyTransgenderCupid is the best Transgender dating site for Trans women like us,” Miko said to the other two Trans women sitting near her.

Hmm…,” began Sadie, “I guess you are right.  If you want to meet and date a Trans oriented man looking for a long-term relationship, where else can you try?”

Miko, Sadie and Debbie sat close to each other on a large sofa, backstage at one of the famous Miss International Queen Transgender beauty pageants. This major event for Trans women was being held in a famous auditorium in Las Vegas and all of the seats in the audience were full. The three Trans women were eagerly waiting for the next phase of the competition to start. This was the section about the personality and any special abilities of each of the contestants.