In an earlier article, we talked about how many of the Transgender women listed on MyTransgenderCupid are on a long medical journey.

From pre-puberty when they first knew they were different from when they realized they were Trans women. Then, from such realization and the steps they start to take to make themselves more feminine and attractive.

The overall journey to “complete” womanhood is long and challenging and involves regular medication and several surgeries. Most are very painful and uncomfortable so don’t let anyone ever tell you being Trans is a lifestyle choice. The pain and prejudices associated with being a Transgender woman are significant.

S was at an outdoor barbecue recently when I happened to see someone looking through MyTransgenderCupid on their laptop.

I’ve been looking to find a genuine man to date for quite some time so a specialized Trans dating site like this really caught my attention.

After many years of trying to understand myself, I’ve finally in the last year, come to terms with the fact that I am Transgender. I now clearly know that I am a Trans woman. It’s been a long road to get to this point. And I know there’s still quite a distance to go before I reach my goals of meeting a sincere man and settling down as his wife. If we could adopt a couple of children along the way that would be perfect. But, if my man didn’t want that, that’s fine too. As long as he loves me for what I am, a woman.

I really enjoy looking through the profiles of other Transgender women on MyTransgenderCupid. Of course, my main aim to is to find a man to date, that’s why I joined such as famous, specialized TS dating site in the first place. But it’s good to see the competition as it was!

Most people nowadays are aware of Trans women and the typical issues we face. Yet, what some people do not know is that our stories are all pretty much the same. Yes, there are variations in terms of timing, the support we get and our objectives, but our journeys all have similarities. Whether we are talking about a Trans-pinay from The Philippines or a Ladyboy from Thailand, you’ll find common ground. If you are thinking about T-girls from the UK or the US or one of the European countries, then you could almost substitute one girl’s name for another.

Most of the Transgender women who join MyTransgenderCupid follow a similar pattern in their lives.

From an early age they know they are different from others who are born with male genitalia but don’t always know why.

It takes time to work out the reason for these feelings. Yet, gradually things become clearer. There is no set age when the “mist” clears and the young child realizes that “he” is a Trans person and should have been born a “she”. And there are many times of self-doubt, uncertainty and confusion during their journey.