What is it really like to date a Transgender woman?”

is a question which many men ask before deciding to join a well-known TS dating site such as MyTransgenderCupid. Actually, most men start off by initially simply being curious about Trans women. Most have a variety of questions. “What are T-girls really like once you get to know them?” or “How are they different to genetic women?” are two other common questions.

There has been a significant upsurge in interest in Trans women over the last few years.

Trans dating sites such as MyTransgenderCupid have become more widely known. Accordingly,  more and more men have been asking: Where can I find a Transgender woman to date?

Such interest in Transwomen has arisen partly due to the regular attention accorded to such women via the general media or social media channels. There are Transgender woman making a name for themselves on TV, in films or on social media such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

We conducted a poll amongst male MyTransgenderCupid members to find out why they love Transgender women so much.

We asked men who use the site to give us up to 10 reasons why they are particularly attracted to Trans women. To tell us what, in their opinion, makes T-girls so special.

The response we had was great, in fact far better than our expectations. Or male members were very keen to tell us of their enjoyable experiences with Trans women. So, after some considerable time and effort, we manage to distill and summarise the top 5 reasons that men from all around the world like Transgender women.

I’ve been a member of, and actively using, MyTransgenderCupid for just on there months now. My aim is to find the man of my dreams, just like any other Trans or genetic woman wants to do.

I’ve had so many replies to my inbox about my profile that I’ve almost lost count. Some really lovely men have replied to me and we’ve engaged in some great conversations. There are a few men who really appeal and I think could be the sort of man I might well have a long-term relationship with. The only real issue for me is that I always promised myself that, until I had gender confirmation surgery, I would not date. As I write this, I’m just a week away from my surgery and can hardly wait. After all, I have been waiting for 22 years (since I the day I was born) for such a date.