The European Court of Justice (EUCJ) took a significant step7 back in human rights in April 2015, impacting the rights of the transgender community.

The court ruled that forbidding sexually active gay men from giving blood would reduce the risk of illnesses like HIV from infecting the blood supply. The case was raised by a complaint from French citizen Mr Geoffrey Léger who claims he was banned from giving blood because he was in a sexual relationship with another man.

Now it’s time to look at one of the more significant and intimate parts of Transgender dating. Given that sex is an important part of any relationship, most trans dating sites have a section dedicated to choosing a sexual role preference (top, bottom, or versatile). This choice is there to help answer questions and clarify things from the outset, but sometimes it can leave both sides feeling doubtful about things. Does a man saying that he’s versatile run the risk of getting rejected by potential transgender partners? What if a pre-op trans lady has trouble finding the right partner?

Why so much attention is being given to these three categories? In fact, all transgender women remain the same beautiful and attractive no matter which status of sex changing operation they have.

Moreover, most of men who get into serious relationships with them do that not for living out some fantasy, but because they have sincere feelings to their transsexual girlfriends. However, lack of knowledge and awareness about basic transgender concepts may lead to misunderstandings and may even affect your relationship. We at MyTransgenderCupid always seek to make such things clear, especially for guys who have recently joined transsexual dating. So next information you may find helpful if you want to feel comfortable while dating trans girls.

Dating a trans woman is no different than dating anyone else.

There must always be the same level of respect, love, and empathy shown to anyone. As long as you have actually dated a human being, then you know everything you need to for dating a trans woman. If you have never dated a human, its time to figure out your own shortfalls.