I think it was one of the other Trans women at my support group who gave me the link for MyTransgenderCupid a few days before February 14th, Valentine’s Day.

I remember her saying that she had used the site and found it was perfect for dating men who like Trans women. Valentine’s Day is a big thing in the US, the time when you do your best to find a new admirer or lover and build a relationship. After all, it’s the most romantic day of the year.

“MyTransgenderCupid is the best Transgender dating site for Trans women like us,” Miko said to the other two Trans women sitting near her.

Hmm…,” began Sadie, “I guess you are right.  If you want to meet and date a Trans oriented man looking for a long-term relationship, where else can you try?”

Miko, Sadie and Debbie sat close to each other on a large sofa, backstage at one of the famous Miss International Queen Transgender beauty pageants. This major event for Trans women was being held in a famous auditorium in Las Vegas and all of the seats in the audience were full. The three Trans women were eagerly waiting for the next phase of the competition to start. This was the section about the personality and any special abilities of each of the contestants.

A very high percentage of the Trans women dating who are members of MyTransgenderCupid can identify three main phases of their (dating) lives.

We can call these phases: the beginning, the middle and the end.

It is estimated that some 7-7.5% of the world’s population falls into the LGBT community (gay, Trans or non-binary). Within this range of figures, some 1.5-2% are said to represent Transgender people, both MtF and FtM. Therefore, there are far more Trans women in the world than you think! There are Trans women in every country and in every strata of society. In every profession and in every race. Being Transgender is unpredictable, although there is some evidence of it being common in family lineage.

In an earlier article, we talked about how many of the Transgender women listed on MyTransgenderCupid are on a long medical journey.

From pre-puberty when they first knew they were different from when they realized they were Trans women. Then, from such realization and the steps they start to take to make themselves more feminine and attractive.

The overall journey to “complete” womanhood is long and challenging and involves regular medication and several surgeries. Most are very painful and uncomfortable so don’t let anyone ever tell you being Trans is a lifestyle choice. The pain and prejudices associated with being a Transgender woman are significant.