Now, I go over myself and transgender people a lot – But it’s not every day I write about Cis gender, people who use Queer for their title, non binary – Demi people, etc. I know all of these type of people, so I have a good take on it in my opinion.

Me; I’m Diana, A transgender female, writer and 19 years old. I live with my boyfriend (who I’ve met on this TS dating site), kitty, and I write for my own small personal business. I have been transgender since I was 10-12, and I am content and happy with the woman I now am.

But, I have a lot of friends – and know, or knew a lot of people. With this comes people who are Cis, Demi – whatever. But basically that’s why I’m writing this, to show the meaning, struggles and process behind gender identity. But mainly what it’s like to be a person in one of these categories, and the meaning behind true gender identity.

Gender identity and demi

Let’s start with my sister, I think demi girl’s and boy’s are the most interesting – most people don’t understand what it is. My sister was born female but it is a demi girl, so she used pronouns like he/she, they/them, and she is still mainly deciding. So basically, cliff notes – she doesn’t feel girly, but she doesn’t want to be a boy. My friend – Let’s call him Declan, is a demi boy. He was born a girl, and used he/them and he/him pronouns. He is probably one of the nicest people I know, and explained the meaning behind demi to me. I’d recommend you do more research into it, as it is just such a great little topic to research – and good to know. But in short term, a demi person is either one who changes pronouns and identifies as demi, or they change pronouns but still acknowledge their birth gender, so it’s like a half transgender or gender fluid.

Gender fluid

My next topic is gender fluid, I don’t know anybody who is gender fluid personally – but for a few months before my full switch it was easier to identify as, so I did. Gender fluid consists of cross dressing between days, one day you may be a girl, the next a boy. It just depends on your feelings of gender since some people have it so it swings, and they can’t decide on one for an extended period of time, it doesn’t need to switch every day though – most gender fluid people are different.

Identifying as a gender fluid person is hard, because it takes a lot of pride, and ego. But you don’t want to be an ass, so you have to keep yourself not too egotistical, but in this process is also a good way to see if you’re trans, demi or anything like that. Since it’s very explorative in your gender. Without it when a person is lost on gender, I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot more were genuinely confused, and didn’t find their true selves.

Gender identity: Transgender

Transgender, it’s a word that is thrown around a good amount. But a lot of people don’t put the proper thought into it before switching their entire gender. And that can corrupt a person’s gender identity, massive time. It is switching your entire identity without thought, so please – put thought into a decision like this before you make it. But that aside, gender identity towards a transgender is the slow switch and struggle of becoming another gender. It’s a process, but with a process comes a journey. One that I am still on, many are still on, and one I’ll never forget like many others.

Basically identifying as transgender, and the terminology behind it is; most people who do have gender dysphoria, but decide they are happy with a choice like transgender. Like myself, I have gender dysphoria. But I never feel overly like a girl, sometimes I ask myself if I’m a boy, But being a woman is my life, and many others too. Without yourself – what are you? It’s a jump, a ride of your life. But is it worth it to be who you are, and be happy? Very much so in my opinion.

I am content with myself, and I hope you find content in yourself too.

Cis gender people

Cis gender people, most people fall under cis gender – which is okay! Not saying it’s bad now am I? Being a cis gender person is identifying as your birth and legal marked gender. So when you are cis gender, you have no plans on changing your gender – nor do you feel any dysphoria towards it. Most people who are cis, live a good life – but being cis in this modern world is like saying “harass my twitter dms”. A lot of people think being cis is “homaphobic” or “violent” or whatever, causing them to be utterly rude and disrespectful towards normal people who could be allies of the LGBT, or just not really mind them. It’s sad how you need to identify publicly as LGBT or as an ally to be able to just talk in some areas online. Obviously this isn’t always the case, but it can and does happen.

Finally: non binary people

Final topic is non binary people. I chose this last because most people know the terminology and meaning behind it, and a good amount of people in the gender area of LGBTQ are non binary. Basically non binary is identifying with no direct binary gender, so they are just a person mainly, and every non binary person I met has been very nice, non binary is a good way to identify yourself when confused about gender and such. But thank you for reading, really.