Modern TS-dating can be a challenge as it requires a meticulous effort of planning, time, and attention. And that is not different from Transgender Dating. Both parties should strive to make the relationship work so that there is no reason for dissatisfaction. There are a lot of ways to connect – chat messenger, telephone calls, video calls, and so many more.

But the good thing is that there was a study that concluded that those who are part of long-distance relationships are more intimate and grounded in their bond with each other. If you are still asking the question, how do you get through it? Check out our list below.

1. Maintain honesty and a grateful heart with your transwoman girlfriend

Focus on how you met and just how wonderful it was when you first talked to each other. Most couples tend to think about the distance and how difficult it is in the late stages of the relationship. If you focus on the positive things, you will gain a different insight and the experience will not be as painful as you think it is.

Of course, it is hard but extending and lighting a fire on both of your agonies will not help the relationship. Instead, be grateful that you had the chance to get to know your transsexual girlfriend and to prevent the risk of losing it, remain honest to your partner. Sometimes the small things you hide maybe the biggest things for your trans darling. It is better not to keep a secret unless it is an exciting surprise for her.

2. Never give up and always look forward to working hard for the relationship

You need to know just how much you are willing to give in your relationship. Just by knowing that, you can easily assess if you really love your transwoman partner and vice versa.

Remember, long-distance relationships demand time and effort into keeping in contact. You shouldn’t be the one receiving all the time. In fact, it should balance so that you both know that the direction you are taking is the same. Your level of commitment should be the same.

3. Keep in touch daily

It doesn’t have to be lengthy calls, just a short message will do. Regular contact means that you want your transsexual partner to be part of your daily life – that’s what love is all about. It doesn’t matter if what you are going to share is about your sadness or joy, what matters is you want your sweetheart to know how you feel and perhaps comfort you in the process.

Keep in mind that any form of communication can help strengthen your relationship. If you feel like there’s not much to talk about or you are not the person who has a lot of things to say, invite your partner to do things together. Maybe you can watch the same movie at the same time, eat together, and cook together or read books together. There are still so many things you can do but it really depends on both of your interests.

4. Build trust and confidence with each other

In any relationship, even the platonic ones require trust. It is one of the building blocks and an aspect that can assure you and your partner that whatever storm you both will face, you are going to be each other’s stronghold.

You have to be understanding when insecurity and doubts come between your relationship with your transgender sweetheart. Don’t easily give up just because of that. There will be bad days because of the distance between both of you, but always try to nurture security whenever uncertainty enters. Be clear about your intentions and always tell your partner just how much she means to you. Your openness and willingness to declare your love will always help your trans darling feel better, making your relationship survive and thrive.

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