It’s a cliché I know, but it seems like only yesterday I joined MyTransgenderCupid and met Bill.

I am a 25-year old Transgender woman from the west coast of the US. I had only enrolled on the site three days earlier. Quite coincidentally, Bill was on holiday in my hometown, or should I say city, the time he reached out to me.

He told me he was on a month-long journey across the US to find himself and explore parts of the States he had never seen. Bill was honest from the outset and told me that he had recently ended a long-term relationship with a genetic woman. They’d simply grown apart. Before that relationship had started, he’d met a few Trans women in New York, but only knew them as friends. They’d often meet to talk in a large group and there were Trans women from all over the country who’d gravitated to the “Big Apple”. Many had escaped small-town prejudices and discrimination and saw New York as a place to live as they needed to.

Transgender women need support and empathy

Bill, therefore, knew quite a bit about T-girls and what issues T-girls have, what challenges we face and so on. In fact, Bill genuinely knew how to empathize with the predicament of any Transgender person. He had been a covert supporter of LGBTQI issues and rights for many years.

During his time as a volunteer advocate for Trans rights, Bill came to realize that he was attracted to T-girls but had never quite met the right Trans woman. And then his last girlfriend came along, So, he put his thoughts and desires to meet a Transgender woman for a long-term relationship on hold, as it were.

By the time we met, Bill had already realized that the best way to meet a T-girl was via a specialized dating site such as MyTransgenderCupid. No more wasted time trolling around bars and restaurants and clubs looking for “Miss Right”. No more false starts with T-girls who were only looking for a short-term paid liaison, ie sex for payment. And, maybe best of all, he said, he could do all of his dating from the comfort of his study/office. He could talk to Trans women from all over the country or even the world. He knew he was talking to a T-girl. The trans-woman also knew she was talking to a man who was really interested in her—and not just in the contents of her panties! Online dating sites also allow both parties to get to know each other well in advance of meeting. This is especially important for many Transgender women for whom both safety and security when TS dating are paramount.

I still don’t know why people discriminate against Transgender woman

In fact, it’s quite scary just how much prejudice and hate there is out there towards Trans women. You only have to look at the assaults, attacks and murders in the US to know all about this. And the US is supposed to be the leader of the free word and tolerant, liberal society.

Anyway, enough of that, even though I could write a book on this shocking treatment of Trans women in the world’s supposedly most welcoming society…

So, after messaging and talking many times a day for a week, Bill and I met. It was very clear from the outset that there was chemistry between us. I found him charming and attentive. He was knowledgeable about T-girls and sincere in what he told me. He said I was beautiful (of course, he would); have a great figure (maybe) and sexy (possibly). He told me all of the things any woman, no matter Trans or genetic wants to hear. But I believe he meant and still means his comments. Gradually we fell in love and he has always treated me just like he would any woman: with kindness and courtesy and respect. He also says he is committed to taking care of me.

Even though I’d been on female hormones since I was in my early teens, I waited until I graduated from university until I underwent breast enhancement surgery. My breasts had grown with the hormones but not too much. I felt I needed at least a “C cup” size to go with my body size. When I met Bill, I was only four weeks post vaginoplasty surgery and still in the last stage of healing. For those who don’t know, this surgery is the final step for most Trans women and is when they finally get their own vagina.

I now feel like a complete woman, albeit still Transgender

I won’t go into details about the operation but the end result is that I ended up with a fully-functioning sex organ. Even though I must admit that I had boyfriends before I met Bill, I’d always avoided anal penetration as it was just not for me. Sure, I’d had sexual relations but, in many ways, Bill’s timing was impeccable. I was still, to all intents and purposes, a virgin. He was good enough to wait a few more weeks until I had the all-clear from my doctors but then we made love every day, some days twice. Oh…, the feeling of happiness and contentment to know that I could enjoy sex just as any other woman can are indescribable. With Bill and my new-found sexual pleasures, I can say my life is complete. And all thanks to my decision to enroll on My Transgender Cupid.