The European Court of Justice (EUCJ) took a significant step7 back in human rights in April 2015, impacting the rights of the transgender community.

The court ruled that forbidding sexually active gay men from giving blood would reduce the risk of illnesses like HIV from infecting the blood supply. The case was raised by a complaint from French citizen Mr Geoffrey Léger who claims he was banned from giving blood because he was in a sexual relationship with another man.

It could be considered an attack on human rights, and LGBT rights in particular. The most remarkable thing about the decision is that the EU court only considered sexual orientation and not sexual behavior. There are plenty of hetero couples having promiscuous intimacy that fall into the risk group, but they aren’t banned from giving blood because they are heterosexual. This is why one shouldn’t worry about transsexual dating either. Especially when it is done with the right person at the right time rather than being a “spur of the moment” decision.

Dating and intimacy

There is a common misconception that dating and having intimacy with a transgender person puts you at risk. The reality is that risk isn’t caused by sexual orientation, but rather sexual behavior and habits. It’s worth taking a look at the website of the Red Cross to get all the information and understand the situation. The risk factors listed on their website are based on objective research done by professionals around the world. The latest information shows that the Blood Centers in America and the Red Cross made some adjustments to their blood donation policy; instead of being banned for life, men that have intimacy with other men have a one-year deferral, and this relates to the transgender dating site as well. When considering that some members of the transgender community are involved in the sex industry, this is where the risk is. Men that have intimacy with transgender people might only be counted as a risk if they practice bad sexual behavior. A heterosexual person that has a lot of intimacy with random partners is also at a high risk level. Is sexual orientation or the fact that one is transgender really a viable reason to label them when you consider this?

The best Transgender Dating Site

When you meet someone through a transgender dating site you’re generally getting to know one another and you can tell after a few dates if someone is a high risk or not. Different countries have their own sex education and habits, but transgender dating shouldn’t be considered all that different from heterosexual dating; at least in the sense that everyone involved understands how to maintain good sexual health. Keep in mind the rules of safe sex as you would when dating anyone else.

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