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Trans model wants to show that TS people are ordinary people

You probably didn’t hear about Ines Rau that much as about Carmen Carrera, Andreja Pejic and Lea T, but it’s going to happen very soon.

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You probably didn't hear about Ines Rau that much as about Carmen Carrera, Andreja Pejic and Lea T, but it's going to happen very soon. Formerly, she used to have a low profile in the trans community and was far from planning a fashion career.

But today the brunette model walks runway for Nicole Miller and Desigual, takes a part in campaigns for Barney's and jewelry designer Alexis Bittar and in the nearest future she will appear in a documentary for French TV channel TF1's news program Sept á Huit. The main idea of this documentary is to show Ines's daily life proving in such way, according to her words, that transgender women are just ‘ordinary people'.

Now 26-years-old model is also an activist of the transgender community, but it wasn't so always. She needed some years to become enough comfortable for being the activist of trans issues. From the age of 18, Rau lived as a woman keeping her past a secret.

And only two and half years ago she came out as transgender, however even that time she needed to pay more attention to her personal life. Ines says that she needed some time to embrace who she was and to get used to share her story, and ‘being her true self'.

And today, she is ready to join a discussion about transgender people which is spreading worldwide. Especially for her is important to raise this subject in her native France where the trans folks are not the same accepted as they are in the US. That's why, she hopes that through her upcoming documentary people in her country will be able to see that she's not that different as people might imagine, and it will inspire them for the more open conversation.

“We are all just human beings”

Ines believes that her daily routine will be shown in the most authentic manner demonstrating that she as trans lives same life as all human beings. The viewers will see how she's doing castings, meetings, shootings in New York, sharing her thoughts about boyfriend. Also Rau's parents take part in the documentary. She hopes that in such way the old stigmas and stereotypes will be broken down somehow and it's just a small way of her helping to trans community.

Talking about fashion, the model says that it has a power to touch the world and a “unique ability to expand horizons.” Especially it concerns the retail space, such a category for which trans models still need to struggle to join in. Nowadays the situation is that only such stores like H&M and Zara exclusively engage transgender models in their campaigns. And that's why, Ines wants to change this situation, hoping also to land a beauty contract in future. According to her words, all people have the same skin problems and all of them want to look good, and for that reason skin care products and make-up must completely unisex items.

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