Let’s talk about one of the most delicate and perhaps even embarrassing topics – it’s a first experience of meeting a transgender woman.

As any kind of trying something at first time it can bring a feeling of fear and awkwardness, but at the same time it’s a part of adventure or making dreams come true. In some cases, the relationship develops naturally starting from “get to know each other” that grows into something more. Some men turn to transgender services websites, in other words, escort service. But no matter whatever way it occurs, most of the men have similar feelings and wondering the same questions afterwards.

Most of the guys describing their first time would say it’s a big mess of thoughts and doubts. What to do when I am with a transsexual? Should I kiss her? Do I kiss a man? How to touch her body? Is this really happening? Huh, such a confusing situation, right? But another significant question that comes to the mind before, during and after date: Am I gay? Men being most of the time attracted to the women tend to think about this matter. First of all, it’s not about orientation. If you’re attracted to transsexual that doesn’t mean you’re gay. Most of the guys having a transsexual dating experience have never been attracted to the men or didn’t ever had any sexual intentions to them.

We don’t say about all of the men, it’s a matter of choice for everyone. However, transgenders feel themselves feminine and act as women, and if to consider sex services, transsexuals don’t do that with girls.

Transgender girlfriends are special?

Anyway we’re here for a longterm and meaningful relationships with them, so what’s special about trans women, why so much guys find them attractive and seek for the way to meet them?
To answer this question let’s refer to the words of one man who was dating trans-women for a while. As he told, transgender women have four things that common girls usually don’t have. The communication and relationship with transgender ladies might be better and easier because they basically understand men as girls sometimes don’t do. A transgender can be your a lifetime partner and at the same time your best friend!

Trans women usually are pretty tall, so they’re able to help in case you need someone on your side to fight back (well, this line best to be taken with a little bit of humor). If you need a mate for playing video games, most likely that a trans-woman will make you a company cause they usually do like Playstation. And the last but not the least, transgender knows what you might like in bed and what to do better than any other girl.

So what to do at first date with transgender woman? Just throw out of your mind all doubts and trust your feelings. But first, give a look at MyTransgenderCupid – maybe your destiny is waiting for you exactly there!