Where can I meet other Trans people?

For many Transgender people not yet “out” as Trans, it can be quite a challenge trying to meet up with other Trans people. This is especially so in the early days after a Transgender person makes it known that they belong to the T community when they may not know about sites such as MyTransgenderCupid.

Discrimination and prejudice, unfortunately, are just two of the problems which Transgender people have to face in their day to day lives. And in many countries throughout the world. Then there is the fear of persecution and harassment, often by religious zealots or people who have an unexplained fear of Trans people and can be violent towards them. As a result, in some countries, many Trans people hesitate to go out in public during the day time or go to restaurants or bars or clubs to meet others.

Trans women just want to live a “normal life”

As we all know, it takes a lot of courage and resolves to identify as Trans and try to carry on with a “normal life” in the big wide world. Therefore, it is so important for Transgender people to be able to easily meet people and become part of the diverse tapestry of general society.

In the old days before the internet was so commonplace, it was even worse. With no easy way to find or communicate with other T-girls, many Trans people were isolated. In fact, many thought they might be the only T-person in the world. Of course, things have improved tremendously over the last 10-15 years but there is still a long way to go.

Things are improving for Transgender women

Increased awareness of Transgender issues has resulted in a greater understanding and tolerance of Trans people. Social media too has helped with the overall education of the general public about T issues. But, sadly, still not enough to enable many T-girls to feel sufficiently comfortable and confident to go out and easily meet other Trans people in public. Security concerns and safety risks still abound, however minor they may seem to others. 

Of course, there are dedicated groups and societies where T-people are particularly welcome. These groups usually comprise like-minded people or involve others from the T community. They meet in places which have been checked out in advance and usually offer a secure environment for Transgender women, their friends and admirers to meet.

But for Trans people looking to meet men or women, as the case may be, to date and form relationships with, the aforesaid places are not ideal meeting points. Partly as the numbers of people who attend may be limited and those who do attend not be the type of people the T-girl is, ideally, looking to meet.  And partly as most attendees will be from the immediate vicinity (town or city) of the meeting place which narrows the prospects of finding new friends considerably.

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The option?

Easy: join a Trans dating site such as the very popular MyTransgenderCupid. By doing do, Transgender people can either meet other Trans for friendship and companionship. Or, if they are so inclined, they may find a man (or woman if they are Female to Male Trans) whom they can get in contact with and may end up dating.

Joining a T-girl dating site is easy and quick to accomplish. In a matter of minutes, it’s possible to enter your email address, find a membership package to suit and enroll. Then the journey to finding a friend and or a companion or partner can begin!

Members can look through a huge variety of profiles of Trans women from around the world. There may be women from the US or the UK who, in fact, tend to be the majority of the members. Or T-girls from Europe or Australia. Then, there are a fair proportion of Transgender women from The Philippines (Trans-pinays) or from Thailand (Ladyboys) too.  

A Transgender dating site is ideal for meeting other Trans people

Most of these girls are looking for men to date but a high percentage are also keen to meet other Trans women for friendship. One of the key beauties of being a member of such a site is that friendships can be made with other Trans women from your home town or city, plus also from overseas. If they are from your home town or city you can learn about secure places to meet in your immediate vicinity and get to know other members with similar interests or hobbies. Being more selective and getting to know as much as you can about new friends before you meet can make friendship bonds stronger.

If your new online Trans friends are from overseas you can learn more about their lives and challenges. About how Transgender people are treated and viewed in other countries. About attitudes of the general public and about their ability or freedom to be themselves. Other interesting things to find out include what overseas governments or authorities are doing to protect the lives and liberties of T-girls. You can compare notes about dating and other facets of T-girl life.

At the end of the day there is only really once choice if you want to easily and quickly meet other Trans women; simply join MyTransgenderCupid, one of the best T-girl sites on the internet.