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How to find Transgender women to date on the internet?

Before joining MyTransgenderCupid, it’s very likely that a number of Transgender women and Trans oriented men tried to find the person they were looking for elsewhere on the internet.

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After all, the web is a worldwide meeting place and offers a wide variety of sites where you can meet up with people having similar interests. Or who share the same passions or pursue the same ideals.

But for those Trans women looking to date genuine, reliable men, or men looking for a Tran beauty for a long-term relationship, what sort of places can be checked out?

Well, here are just some countless options to specialised dating sites:

1 Open and closed forums and online communities

Forums are basically discussion platforms which may be large or small, in terms of the number of people participating. They form a type of community, or communities where anyone can ask questions, respond to them and so on. They may cover all sorts of topics and not be restricted to Transgender matters. However, there are some forums which are dedicated to Trans matters—yet often with the dating element.

In open forums participants usually offer opinions or look for advice about all sorts of matters, not just to do with dating.

However, it is not unknown for discussions to lead to more personal contact between forum users. Exchanging personal data can then lead to 1-on-1 contact and what starts with sharing a travel tip or recipe can lead to dating and sharing a lot more. To be fair, though, this sort of occurrence is very rare, especially for Transgender woman and the men who love them.

Advantages: the enormous variety and number of topics and people using these forums, means there is always the chance, however slight, of a relationship developing.

Disadvantages: there are so many forums out there that it is difficult to actually meet someone who is right for you. The discussions often remain "virtual" and there is a very broad cross section of users. Many are already married or in relationships and only use the forum to chat with others, not date or look for relationships;

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2 Online Trans dating Blogs

Blogs are the modern-day version of the old-fashioned "diary" and plenty of people like to read about other’s thoughts, ideas and opinions.

On blogs you can share anything and everything you want. You can talk about your passions and dreams, but also your frustrations or upsets or good times. You can share your thoughts with people from all over the world. By writing articles or placing blogs on sites you know may be frequented by Transgender women or Trans attracted men, you may just come across others who are looking to date or wanting a new long-term lover. But, again, the chances are slight.

Advantages: the more personal style of blogs helps the writer and their readers feel close to each other, but more in a friendship type of way than the way of life partners.

Disadvantages: almost all blogs only have a limited number of followers, unless they are very well known. And how many of these followers are single and looking to date a Trans woman? Or build a relationship with a Trans attracted man?

3 "Regular" dating sites

"Regular" online dating sites are the ideal solution for those wanting to meet other people who are also looking for love or friendship. Usually you will find thousands of interesting profiles, whether they are people with whom you share certain interests or who are your opposite. You have one primary thing in common: you are both looking for someone to start dating and form a long-term relationship with!

Advantages: there are always plenty of choice of potential partners for both men and women.

Disadvantages: if you are a Transgender woman or Trans attracted man, most "regular" dating sites only cater for mainstream daters. That is male to female, hetero dating and do not usually attract those in or related to the Trans community;


4 Specialized TS dating sites such as MyTransgenderCupid

As the name implies, specialized dating sites are just that, specialized. They cater for subsets of the overall dating market, linking like-minded people with particular dating requirements or interests with each other.

If you are interested in Transgender woman, logically you join a Trans dating site where the selection of women is extensive and very appealing. Similarly, Trans women cannot go wrong if they are looking for new man to date: there are lots of eligible guys out there.

Advantages: plenty of choice, no misunderstandings about the gender status of any female you are looking to date, or the intentions of the Trans attracted man. Easy to join and make contact with the Trans women on the site, plus a high rate of success in matching couples.

Disadvantages: are there any?

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