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"Transgender women, non-binary people and other members of LGBTQI welcome" read the sign I saw as I walked down Alexanderstrasse in Berlin. "Open 9.00pm until late."

"Hmm..., looks interesting," I said to Lisa, my close friend and another T-girl. "Maybe we can try it tonight after dinner, take a closer look at the Berlin T-scene? Might even meet a nice guy to date."

"Sure, why not," agreed Lisa. "It'll make change from just going to coffee shops. I'll ask Bertha a T-girl I know, about it. What's it called... oh, I see the name of the club now, Red Cavern."

Berlin has a long history of Trans people

Lisa and I had been travelling around Europe for the last two months after my gender confirmation surgery. We'd travelled to Munich, across to Amsterdam, then caught a train back north to Berlin.

Although it was ostensibly a sight seeing trip looking at German castles and Austrian palaces, I was keen to explore the arts scene in Berlin. I also wanted to find out what I could about the current status of Trans people in the city. Berlin with its long history of liberalism and decadence, certainly in the early 1900's, was a city with a past reputation for being Transgender friendly. In fact, Berlin was considered a city tolerant of many sexual preferences, variances and deviations. And the risqué cabarets sprang to my mind every time I thought of the city!

Berlin has a long history of Trans people and had the reputation in the past for being Transgender Friendly

We saw lots of Transgender women

Bertha, who had studied at a UK University in London before returning home to work in Berlin, knew little about the club. Still, that didn't put us off, and the three of us duly caught a taxi which dropped us off close to the Red Cavern around about 9.30pm.

The whole road had a total complexion compared with the daytime. There was quite a different atmosphere, with people everywhere and a myriad of flashing neon lights enticing people into the establishments they were promoting. We walked around for a while, seeing other signs on bars and clubs welcoming Transgender women. Then we spent some time people watching, seeing where they were going and which clubs seemed most popular.

"Looks like Berlin really does have an eclectic mix of night people," remarked Lisa, "I've seen quite a few gay guys, Toms (lesbians) and, over there, some obvious cross dressers."

"And plenty of hookers," I added. "Can't tell if some are genetic girls or T's!"

Even though it was only just after 10.00pm the Red Cavern was heaving with people. There were people of all shades of the imagination and more! The club was dark and noisy and we lasted just over an hour before gleefully exiting back onto the relatively quiet main street.

Transgender women and men who admire them

Once outside we stood looking at each other for a few minutes.

Phew...., never again," started Bertha, breaking the silence. "That was not enjoyable."

"Agreed," I said, dabbing my face with a tissue. I turned to Lisa. "I thought you were getting on well with that handsome guy, what happened?

"Ha, I was to start with, but I very nearly slapped him," Lisa replied, her face still showing her anger. "He asked me if I still have a dick. Honestly, what not to ask a T-girl!"

"You're lucky, said Bertha, "that man I was talking to kept trying to feel my breasts. Said something about he has this fetish type thing for Trannies. I nearly poured my drink on his head and kneed him in the balls."

"Tut..., men!" I declared. "Seems like men in Berlin looking for Transgender women are just like men anywhere else. I should have listened to my friend Alana. She told me when I was ready to start dating again the best way is to join a specialized T-girl dating site such as MyTransgenderCupid."

"Why?" asked Lisa and Bertha in unison.

Transgender dating sites

"Easy, it's no contest," I started to say. "Let me explain:

  1. The sites are easy to join and solely aimed at Transgender women and men who are genuinely looking to date girls like us;

  2. You can sit in front of your laptop or use your smart-phone. It's easy to search the internet and scroll through some of the most popular, specialized Transgender dating sites such as MyTransgenderCupid;

  3. You don't need to go through all the hassle of getting ready and coming to clubs like the Red Cavern where the men are, well, quite frankly "yuk". Instead, you can put all of your efforts into searching for your ideal man from the comfort and convenience of your home;

  4. All of us want an educated, understanding man. As a first step you can talk to him through the dating site, really get to know him. You can find out all the things you want to know about him, before agreeing to meet;

  5. And, finally, there are various types of men on the site, and not only from Berlin. It may be that you can meet someone else from another part of Germany who respects and knows how to treat Trans women,"

I concluded, looking at Bertha when talking about this last point.

"Thank goodness for sites for Transgender women such as MyTransgenderCupid "said Lisa. "I really don't want to go through the sort of experience we just had again."

"Me neither," added Bertha. "How do I sign up?"

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