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America’s Transgender Dating Culture: Is it as Free as they describe their country?

One striking thing about America is always their emphasis on having FREEDOM. Being a liberal country, they make a lot of choices based on the freedom they experience. However, their freedom is only based on the laws dictated by the different states of the United States. To this day, at least 200 cities protect gender identity discrimination. Different states have specialized issued orders. Thus, protections also vary. Some of the states who are vocal about recognizing transgender are California, Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, Iowa, Nevada, New Jersey and so many more.

If you are interested to date an American Transsexual, you have to know many things about them. And since we want to help ease your burden on researching, we’ve prepared things that will convince you why America is the best place to date a transgender.


American transgender-women (T-Girls) are not ‘easy’, they also want true love

From racism to other issues, it may seem like America has it all. Television shows portray Trans-women doing one-night stands or having fun without commitment. If that’s your view right now, then this is NOT the place for you.

Vying for equal rights, as mentioned above is based on the laws of the state. Because of this, other states, in a way, allow discrimination to continue against transgender people. To clarify, having these laws does not mean forcing someone to accept people – these laws were made for people to achieve equality and live their lives with dignity, respect, and grace. However, US has come a long way with the changing laws and attitudes of people every day. There’s significant support coming from celebrities which paved way for more people to come out of their shells.

More than ever, the spotlight regarding the plight of transgender is being heard. With the struggle, they have experienced and the issues that they are still experiencing, American Trans-women want to find something serious, something they can hold on to, and something they can lean on when the going gets tough. There may be some who just wants to have fun but there are far more Trans-women who are looking to find a relationship worth fighting for.

A lot of transgender-women turn to online dating to prevent being subjected to violence

There are bars and clubs for American Trans-women but even with that, it is still hard to find someone to date. Many trans people completely avoid singles bars and clubs in fear of being a victim of violence. To this date, only California and Illinois have implemented against ‘trans panic defense’ wherein a defendant claims momentary insanity after discovering a trans person’s identity. There are still many incidents of hate crimes, that’s why many Americans choose online dating to make sure that the feelings are mutual. In this regard, make sure you are ABSOLUTELY sure with your decision. Mutual respect and admiration is needed to make a relationship work.

Dating in America is pretty laid back. Please be gentle with your Transgender’s heart! Regardless of some issues being faced there, America is still a good place to date because you won’t get a judgment unlike from other countries you will visit. And they have the right to be visible and even hold events to fight for their rights.

Transgender dating in the United States

Meet Transgender-women from the US in a safe dating environment

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