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Buenos Aires: know Latin passion when you meet your Transsexual Girlfriend

Known as the capital of Argentina, the city of Buenos Aires is one of South America’s treasures. The splendid metropolis has an exciting nightlife to offer, it is the embodiment of European glamor and the origin of tango – the perfect place to find your transsexual partner. Just like Rio de Janeiro, Cusco, Panama, Lima, Santiago and Sãu Paulo, this city is open to homosexuality.

Transgender people have the right to express themselves freely. In fact, one of the most advanced laws on gender identity was passed in Argentina last May 9, 2012. They also grant free access to hormone therapy and surgeries. Plus, they do not require transwomen to undergo medical, psychiatric diagnosis, or surgery to gain their self-perceived identity. However, there are still instances where these laws remain elusive because of budget shortage, a limited number of hospitals that provide specific care or surgical options, and other factors.

Are you ready to meet your transwoman darling here? If yes, we’ve compiled a list of places you can add on your dating plan.


1. Love books together

There’s nothing more romantic than spending a day at bookshops when you’re both bibliophiles. For sure, it will be a day to remember and where great conversations can lead to more serious talks about your relationship.

In fact, the World Cities Cultural Forum reported in 2015 that this city has 25 books for every 100,000 people – bigger than any other city in the world. They have lines of libraries at Corrientes and Santa Fe. If you want to experience something cinematic, visit the El Ateneo Grand Splendid which was an old theater before and converted into a bookstore.

2. Learn how to tango

It was declared a cultural heritage by UNESCO and Buenos Aires is one of the cities where the Tango dance originated. You should include this on your date because not only will you be able to peak into the culture and lifestyle of people, you also get to be intimate with your partner in this passionate dance. After the dance, you can enjoy a sumptuous dinner with your transgender partner while watching a tango show.

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3. Experience an intimate romantic journey at Teatro Ciego

Want to build trust? The Teatro Ciego is a surefire way to do it. The whole date will be all about dining in the dark.

Both of you will be blindfolded while you awaken each other’s taste buds with a lively music as accompaniment. After all, the best dates are the ones where you relish each other’s presence.

However, if you partner just wants something simple, affordable and wonderful dinner can be grabbed at El Nono Amigo, a great neighborhood for cheap dates. In particular, La Esperanza de los Ascurra and Chan Chan are restaurants you shouldn’t miss.

Dating Transsexuals in Buenos Aires

Dating Transsexuals in Buenos Aires

Did we help in intensifying your desire to meet your Latin transgender Girlfriend? We hope we did.

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