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The things you should know before Dating an Australian Transgender

Several people have turned to the internet to find their Transgender partners for life and here at My Transgender Cupid, we take our job very seriously. As we always mention, there are a lot of potential dating partners you will see on our site.

Now, turning our efforts on Australia, you have to know that Transsexual people are protected by federal law. They are recognized and enjoy the benefits of other people in terms of employment, education, and housing. Back in 2011, 6,300 children lived with same-sex families. However, even with their rights, many still struggle to come out and identify themselves as an Australian Transgender, especially the young ones aged 16 – 24 years old. The good thing is, a lot of famous people like footballer Hannah Mouncey continues to inspire trans people to be who they really are.

In short, this is one of the best countries to meet the love of your life. You can date in the largest cities (Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney) without the prejudice of being judged by other people. As such, we’ve prepared a list of things you should consider before dating an Aussie Transgender to help you achieve your dreams.


They have the best fighting spirits

They do struggle and even with their rights, the underlying stigma is still there. But along with their battles and aspirations to be accepted for who they are, they continue with their lives showing love, resilience, and they stand up for what they believe in. Australia has such an amazing transgender community. They protect each other and have confidence in continuing pushing for more rights and recognition to the transgender community. As a result, they will not settle for less than they deserved. Be sure to make a lasting impression when you meet her.

If they identify themselves as one, they have very supportive people on their side

The number one reason Transsexuals are increasing in number in Australia is that they have very good relationships with their family. Families there are more accepting of change. Because of their diverse cultures, being trans is not a big issue. They have always been identified as relaxed and casual people. Since they are laid back, they have a very good sense of humor in understanding things. Thus, when you date an Australian Transgender, she enjoys the freedom she has and is assured of who she is. Don’t think of it as turn – off, in fact it is actually admirable that your T-girl knows what she wants. You’ll never have to wonder what she is thinking because Aussies are outspoken people and she will be ready to say her piece about your relationship.

Transgender dating in the Australie

Prepare for some group dating

Since Aussies have a great support system, it is no surprise that even with dating they tend to do it in flocks. If you consider yourself an introvert, you may not like this set-up. But even with that, maybe you should consider trying? After all, taking risks is what makes love desirable.

There are still numerous things about Australia – like their love for food may it be an Asian cuisine, European or American, they don’t have one Australian accent and many more. These things are fruits of being a multicultural country. And this is why the mystery just unfolds once you meet your Australian Transgender.

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