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The Beauty of Chile That Sets It Apart: A Transgender Perspective

Chile offers a lot of things – unforgettable city nightlife, wine tastings (one you should not miss!), outdoor adventures such as skiing and trekking, visit to mysterious place called Easter Island, exploring the Atacama desert dubbed as the world’s driest desert, watch penguins, and don’t forget to go on a food trip. Be sure to try eating at a parillada where meats are cooked over hot coals. Try also their exotic fruit called pepino dulce and stuff yourself with plates of seafood.

There are even more amazing things here and one of them is, compared to Venezuela and Peru, Chile is ahead of the game when it comes to granting transgender rights. To give you a recap of Chilean transgenders, My Transgender Cupid summed up some of the significant events that happened which led to the current rights they have right now.


Homosexual relationships and intimacy has been legal since 1999

Homosexual acts were not considered a crime anymore during the year 1999. The legal age allowable to engage in sexual activities is 18.

By the year 2001, with the effort of LGBT rights group named Movilh, it became possible for transsexuals to change their gender identity without being subjected to medical surgery. Further, when 2009 came another breakthrough happened when the National organization of Gendarmeries implemented the end to the ban on inmates dressing strictly just according to their birth gender. In addition, 2011 also paved the way to focusing on the health welfare of transsexuals by providing the right regulations of the medical procedures that come with body alteration. And in the year 2013, all medical surgeries and hormonal therapies were all subsidized by the public health system.

However, changing the name and gender on legal documents are limited to the judge’s requirements even if it is allowed. There are no standardized requirements, that’s why it can be hard for transwomen to process their papers.

You’re sure that it is quite safe to date around Chile. Find the most interesting places to show your lover how much you want to be with her. Make it simple and special. Be genuine and you will see the results of your efforts.

Daniela Vega, a Chilean transgender inspiration

Though Chile is not as violent as Venezuela, transgender women are still a minority in the society. In fact, with the strict and conservative upbringing, some of them are not even accepted by their families. The difficulty of being forced to carry a name and gender they don’t really want anymore puts a heavy burden on their day to day lives.

And this was portrayed in the film titled, ‘A Fantastic Woman’, where Vega portrayed an opera singer who lost her lover and at the same time experiencing rejection from her own family. In the creation of the film, the whole team hopes it raises awareness or consciousness on the plight of Chilean transgender and enables it to spark a fire in creating public policies that will help make the living of transsexuals better.

Transwomen do not hide in the darkness anymore. Be proud of your date when you go out in the streets of Chile.

Chile Transgenders

Dating an Transgender in Chile

Though they are still in the process of establishing the rights of Chilean transgender women, you can be excited at the idea of exploring the country without you and your partner being harassed because you are dating. Take the relationship to the next level if you are already sure you are going to commit yourself to her.

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