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Finding your Transgender Partner in One of the Happiest Countries in the World

Time and time again, Denmark proves its consistency when it comes to the World Happiness Report. Just last March 2018, this country has been ranked in the top three happiest countries for seven years now. A better position compared to United States that got the 18th rank. The said report surveyed 155 countries and it is no surprise that they are in that place considering that they have the best things in their lives; low level of corruption, access to excellent education and health care, and all of these are possible because of a stable government.

It has its flaws but Danes focus more on building intimacy and trust with others. This is experienced within family and friends where intimacy is intentional. People strive to create a comfort place for everyone and share experiences that result to lasting memories. Being the happiest, there’s also more things to know about this country, and My Transgender Cupid compiled a list of things you should know about the transsexuals residing there.


They are the first country to recognize same-sex unions

Many religious countries are not comfortable with the idea of same-sex unions, but since October 1989, Denmark became the first country to legalize it with what they call the Danish Registered Partnership Act. Two transgender people can be married through civil registration. This is in line with their tradition that prides itself with egalitarianism – meaning their society strives to deliver equality for all.

Not only that, it further improved in the year 2012 when they passed a legislation that allowed homosexual couples to be wed in church ceremonies. This move is welcomed as well with other Scandinavian countries such as Sweden and Germany. However, even with this law passed, priests have their right as well to deny wedding homosexuals. Setting aside the downside of this law, the marriage enables both transsexuals to have the same legal rights just like heterosexual couples. Therefore, one of the benefits is being able to claim inheritance of a spouse’s land.

You can be sure that when you meet a Danes transsexual, they are not willing to settle unless they know you are really serious about having a relationship with them. Be strong! Be fearless! Danes believe in building resilient relationships, so focus on identifying how you will get the message through to your partner.

Being a transgender is no longer considered as mental illness

In January 2017, this country became the first one to remove all relations and stigma between mental health and people who identify themselves as transgender. Many countries still see it as a ‘behavioral problem’ and a lot of transsexuals still live with the stigma and depression because they are being judged for who they are.

In addition, Denmark also passed a law back in 2014 allowing transgender to change their gender identity without legal interventions or medical surgery.

So if you plan to live with your transsexual partner in Denmark, it’s one of the perfect places in the world to be. There’s just something about being able to express yourself and being considered as equal to everyone that helps your self-esteem and contribution to the society go up. Be prepared to go on a several dates.

Denmark Transgenders Dating

Dating an Transgender in Denmark

We are sure you will never run out of happiness when you are with a Danes transwoman, as you’ve seen with our facts – being in Denmark can impact good change and boost your confidence. If you’re up for it, just sign up at the Transsexual dating site: My Transgender Cupid. It’s EASY and FREE. So register NOW.

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