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There is so much to see in Ecuador and even if it is located in South America, the cost of living is not that demanding. It is bordered by Colombia on its north side and Peru on its south and east. With about 175,807 square miles, Ecuador is quite small compared to other countries but it is bursting with awesome diversity.

Everything will feel like it is discounted – the food is cheaper, transportation is charged half than what is usually charged in North America, and the climate and culture will surely convince you to stay there. Aside from that, they are considered progressive when it comes to creating public policies to protect transgender rights. The development of such policies might have taken a long time but it is now running at full speed. Check out the facts My Ladyboy Cupid gather for you to understand your Ecuadorean transgender partner.


Ecuador is one of the countries who banned conversion therapy together with Brazil and Malta

It was only in 1990 that conversion therapy was considered controversial when the World Health Organization finally stepped up and declared that homosexuality is not a mental illness. However, even with the removal of homosexuality on the list, conversion therapies still takes place in Ecuador as well as in China, South Africa, and the United States.

Even though the country has undeniably contributed its efforts on creating a safe haven for LGBT people, there are still relatives who forcibly makes transgender people undergo the said therapy. And even if clinics are being closed, they seem to pop out back again under a different name. Conversion clinics are considered an expensive therapy and many see it as an economic opportunity to take advantage of people and families.

But they also have come a long way by legalizing homosexuality in 1997 and allowed homosexual unions to be acknowledged. Further, in 2016 they also allowed people to identify themselves with their chosen gender identity.

There’s no need to worry or be nervous about your first meeting. Ecuadorean transsexuals are visible in the society.

Ecuadoreans voted for their first transgender lawmaker last 2017

Diane Rodriquez won in the elections and she was able to fight in allowing transgender people to vote in the booths of their chosen gender. In fact, previous president Rafael Correa pushed for the rights of homosexuals in identifying themselves based on their chosen gender identity on their national documents and ID cards. In addition, he also announced that transwomen have the rights to be employed and if they will be legally dismissed because of their gender, the company will face the law.

The significance of the ID cards is for homosexual couples to be able to make decisions for their partner in cases of emergencies, such as health care or have a bank account together. Without access to this, they used to just wait on the sidelines because they do not have proper identification.

Though there are still much more improvements that can be done in Ecuador, it is safe and enjoyable to stay there. Discrimination in employment, health benefits, education, and housing is still being experienced but is punishable by law. Ecuadorean transwomen know how to fight back and she will surely fight for you.

Ecuador Trans Dating

Dating an Transgender in Ecuador

Be proud of your lover no matter what her work is. Acceptance is what they really want. The world will not matter as long as you accept her and you are proud to be with her. Give her the love she deserves and you will also know how vast her love is.

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