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Archaic Meets Innovation: Germany is the Perfect Country to Meet Your Future Transsexual Partner

With the most powerful passport in the world, Germany is really a wonder. The scenery can be romantic castles, to forests, valleys, vineyards, and can easily shift to modern landscapes. There’s no absolute thing Germany offers, it has a variety of everything and if you are up for an adventure of a lifetime, we’re pretty sure this country will amaze you in ways you can’t imagine. With the ever-changing scene of culture in Germany, it will be more interesting to get to know your transsexual partner. In addition, this is one of the most LGBT-friendly cities in all of Europe, so this nation has a lot of safe spaces where you can date, roam, and just be yourself with the one you like.

But before anything else, we would like to share a few realities about transgenders living there and we sincerely hope that taking all of the facts in consideration will help you relate more with her.


Germany started taking in consideration of transsexuals since 1980

A transsexual law called ‘Transsexuellengesetz’ was established in 1980. At that time, medical surgery was still a requirement to be allowed gender identity change. However, it was considered unconstitutional in 2011. Aside from that, the country also implemented nationwide ban on discrimination when employing transgender people. Unlike other countries, transsexuals have the opportunity to work equally with other people with the creation of Equal Treatment Act.

However, hate speech still persists since it is not banned nationwide. There are only specific states such as Berlin, Bremen, Saarland, Thuringia, and Bradenburg that have laws against hate speeches based on sexual orientation and gender identiy. And just last November 2017, a third gender option was allowed by the Federal Constitutional Court. Because of this, transgenders won’t have a blank gender entries in their birth certificates anymore.

As such, dating in Germany is pretty much ideal because of their freedom to express themselves. Expect your relationship to be free from the harsh judgment transwomen usually experience because of their gender identity.

Transgender people are visible in the society

They are very much present in the society. When US President Trump attempted to ban transgenders in the military, it was also at that time Germany celebrated its first Trans commander. Their military believes that being able to express who they are enables them to increase their effectiveness and readiness. Aside from Germany, Netherlands, Estonia, Spain, France, Norway, Czech Republic also allows transgenders to serve in the military.

Just this year, a transgender model named Giuliana Farfalla made history when she became the cover of Playboy magazine. If you happen to date a German transsexual, you will see that they are proud to be whom they are and not afraid to be whom they want to be.

German Transgender Dating

Transsexuals from Germany

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