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Meeting Your Future Love in the Country of the Northern Lights - Norway

A place abundant in fjords, Norway is truly an extraordinary beauty to behold. With its amazing cultural life, you are surely going to enjoy lots of activities with your transsexual partner. If nature is what you are looking for, the coastlines and view of the majestic mountains are the ones you should indulge in. But if you are the outgoing and adventure type of person, white-water rafting, cycling, hiking, sledding, skiing and snowmobiling are some of the things you could do.

If those awesome things didn’t convince you yet, Norway topped the World Happiness Report last year (2017) and was also ranked as the greatest democratic country in the world by the Economist Intelligence Unit. It is because of these achievements that prove how effective and inclusive their reforms are. They keep on hitting breakthroughs to ensure that everyone enjoys equality.

Without further ado, My Transgender Cupid prepared a list of facts about the transgender rights in this wonderful country.


Since 1972, it was legal to engage in homosexual activities

At that time, Norwegian people were allowed to choose their partner as long as they are 16 years of age, regardless of gender or sexual orientation they prefer. Further, they already implemented an anti-discrimination law which includes sexual orientation since 1981. However, it was only in 2004 where a bill was proposed to change their existing civil union laws in order to allow a gender-neutral marriage to be legally accepted. It took 5 years to fight for the said issue and a gender-neutral marriage was only realized in 2009.

That said, Norwegian transgender has been visible for a very long time and it looks like it will remain that way as they continue to be seen at the forefront, eagerly anticipating for more rights they more than deserve.

Norway is second when it comes to protecting the rights of transgender

According to the latest Rainbow Europe report, Norway’s rating in protecting and granting rights to transgender is 78 percent – only one step behind Malta who scored 88 percent. The said report was based on 49 countries covering issues such as marriage, adoption, other rights for transgender people, and many more.

Since it is a country who strives for everyone to be inclusive, even transsexuals more than happily pay their taxes because they know and feel that the government is trying to give their best to help them thrive in the society. As such, you don’t have to worry about publicly dating your Norwegian transwoman. It will feel like a normal date since everyone respects each other’s beliefs.

July 2016 was a memorable day for transgender Norwegian netizens

Finally, after a long time of being required to go through medical surgery, also considered sterilization by some, just to identify themselves with a different gender identity, a law was passed without having to go through that hassle. As a result, more than a hundred people immediately applied to legalize changing their gender. All the cases were approved and the government was happy with the change.

Transgenders in Norway

Dating an Transgender in Norway

That’s why we want to assure and convince you that Norway is such a good place for you to meet your future life partner. They champion in combating for the rights of people. You may even think of settling here with their modern innovations from landscapes, healthcare, and even in their culinary world. But before anything else, we want to invite you to sign up, for FREE. It’s stress-free and you can navigate in our dating site seamlessly. My Transgender Cupid is just waiting for you.

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