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Want to experience something unforgettable? Phuket in Thailand has it all! With over 50 flights from Bangkok daily, there’s hardly any reason you won’t be able to visit this place once you feel like it. Beaches with free entrance, welcoming people, nice weather, several nature parks, and last but not the least, various cheap options for people who have limited travel budget.

You should never miss out on renting a motorcycle since it is the main mode of transportation on the island. It’s a recommended activity because it will help you get closer to your Thai transsexual partner. Not only that, you get to access beaches that have rough roads on the way and traverse islands that are situated in smaller neighborhoods. But be cautious, always go on the left side, and never forget your helmets! However, if you feel like motorcycling is dangerous for you, you can always take the bus.

To help you more on your dating quest, My Transgender Cupid compiled a list of activities that can win the heart of your transgender partner and contribute to your long-lasting relationship.


1. Fulfill a romantic dream through island hopping

Being one with nature, especially the seas always assure an exciting adventure for both of you. Whether it is snorkeling and diving at one of the beaches or relaxing and talking under the heat of the sun, there are a lot of options for you and your Thai transgender date. Remember, creating good memories is of vital importance when you meet her. Make an impression that will last.

Listen to what your partner will say when you talk to her online so you will know what places she wants to visit. After all your activities, take her on a romantic dinner date with the view of the sunset and the sea as witnesses of your love.

2. Take a food trip at Talang Road

If you love going through around crowds just to look for the best foods, Talang Road is a fun activity for you and your transsexual date. Discover the best coffee shops there and amaze yourself with the amazing architectural landscape there that will surely create Instagram-worthy photos. In addition, it is also abundant in Thai treats, live bands, and handcrafted goods. If you don’t feel like planning ahead of time, let the place lead you to decide where you can go.

3. Care for an elephant together

Long ago, Thailand was usually visited because they offer elephant rides. However, with the rising concern for animal welfare and mistreatment issues toward elephants because of capitalism, riding elephants was labeled unethical. As a replacement for this, elephant sanctuaries were created.

This is an activity where you’ll see how your transgender partner cares for another being. It will be unforgettable for both of you since it will just be like taking care of a baby together.

Dating Trans-women in Phuket

Dating Transsexuals in Phuket

We hope you really made an impact to your date with your prepared activities. My Transgender Cupid aims to enable you to reach the people you need to meet. If you’re not yet a member, you can easily sign up on our site, FOR FREE.

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