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A Place of Diversity: Will You Take Your Chances in the United Kingdom?

Love makes a person do crazy things, even travel to a country as eccentric as the United Kingdom (UK). But who cares right?

Traveling to see the one you love is a noble thing to do and trust us when we say that it’ll look like you’re a knight in shining armor – and we all know it is as charming as it sounds. The UK, just like Canada, US, Australia, and Brazil have an existing law to protect transgenders from discrimination, harassment, and victimization. Sounds good, right?

Sad to say that in reality, UK has still a long long way to go when it comes to tolerating and allowing the visibility of transgenders. To prep you for your stay in the UK, My Transgender Cupid prepared some facts to help you understand how you should go about when planning your date. Heads up, things are about to get ugly.


Transphobia is a reality there

Even with their laws, UK is a country that can be unsafe. an unwelcoming and frightening place for UK Transgenders. Both young and adult transgenders have experienced abuse, forced to inflict self-harm or have suicidal thoughts. Several Transgenders cannot work because of the harsh treatment they might face in public places such as shopping for groceries or public transportation. 1 in 8 experience physical attacks from customers or colleagues. A third will most likely face discrimination when they visit a bar, cafe or restaurant. A quarter even experience domestic abuse!

Almost half of the transgenders there avoid certain streets because they feel unsafe. A 2014 report revealed that the average life expectancy of a trans is 35 years old.

This is why you should be aware of the places where it is least likely that your partner will receive abuse. If it can't be helped, protect her with all your strength. Just your presence has already made her feel better. Don't waste your chance to commit to a relationship that can be long-lasting. UK Transsexuals are quite loyal especially when you are compatible with each other.

The media can be pretty cruel there

The media constantly hurl criticisms and hate against the trans community. Most of the time they are portrayed like they are sort of mentally ill freaks that need to be healed. UK's society is really failing the trans community with the persistent stigma, discrimination, and abuse.

Visibility is tough as proven by the marriage of Jake Graf and Hannah Winterbourne this year. They were interviewed by media outlets and they thought it was supposed to be a good thing, to spark acceptance and to inspire other trans that they can have a happy ending too. However, the wedding was portrayed in a bad way and instead of helping trans people to have positive visibility, the media continues to contribute to convincing people that it is acceptable to hate transgender just because they are their authentic selves.

So, when you date, be proud that you have a relationship with your partner. It takes a lot of guts to meet you. She's already setting herself up for a heartbreak just by giving you a chance. Don't waste the chance you've been given.

Tea for a date? Anyone?

Enough with all the negativity. It is its to treat your woman right. Brits love tea and perhaps by chance you’ve seen a show portraying taking tea as part of their daily lives. The process of using tea and the aroma that comes with it, everything just screams romantic. It would be better to choose a place with a dreamy setting, this way your date would invoke more feeling. Don't miss doing this activity. With their longstanding relationship with stigma, this will help her make good memories in a place she calls home.

Britisch Transgender dating, United Kingdom

Transgenders from the United Kingdom

Dating a British Transgender maybe one of the most courageous journeys that you’ll ever have. Always mind your manners, be a true gentleman in every sense, and you’ll definitely be okay. As you’ve seen with the above-mentioned tips, dating transgenders in the UK is quite different from America and most countries. Cheers to your first date.

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