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Houston successfully elected a lesbian mayor for three consecutive terms and in the year 2014, a city ordinance was established in promoting the protection of residents against discrimination based on their sexual orientation, preferred gender identity, and many other factors.

However, in 2017 Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick insisted on pushing for a bathroom bill in the Texas Legislature. Stipulated in this is the requirement of transgender people to use bathrooms in public spaces such as schools, government buildings, and universities based on their biological sex and not the identity they identify with. In general, Houston being part of Texas make it less appealing for transgender people to reside.

As a whole, a lot of people still experience discrimination and Houston only offers defense specifically in the areas of city employment and city contractors. Far from Houston’s state, Los Angeles and Chicago continually increase the rights of their transgender community.

Beyond the city of Houston, it can be considered a vulnerable place for transgender community. But even with undesirable reasons in choosing this city, Houston still offers a lot of wonderful things.

To help you see this, My Transgender Cupid will share some of the dating sites where you can truly show your authentic love to your partner.


1. Take your date to Space Center Houston

This is definitely one of the must-see attractions in the city. You and your transsexual partner may also get the chance to talk with an astronaut since they do Friday presentations at 11:00 am and 1:00 pm. Limited tickets are available so you need to book this ahead of time.

Some of the activities are being in an open-air tram tour headed to Johnson Space Center – the home of mission control and to view where astronauts prepare and train for their space missions. Plus, you might even have a chance to see actual rockets on display. There’s also an approximate 5-hour VIP tour where you can visit the simulation labs, buoyancy lab, ISS mission control and other areas which are restricted on the regular tours. However, only 12 VIP tickets are offered so if you want to seize this awesome opportunity, you better purchase your ticket early.

2. Watch free performances at the Miller Outdoor Theatre

The Miller Outdoor Theatre offer free performances from March to October. The performances vary each time – from classical music, ethnic music and dance, ballet, musical theater, classic films, among many others. You can bring your own picnic dinner as you relax on the free hillside seating area. There are also assigned seating areas. If you want those, you should line up early.

At least once in someone’s dating life, watching movies while relaxing on your personal blanket is a must! Take note, glass containers are prohibited. Make sure to prepare the best dishes for your transwoman partner. Amaze her from the venue to the foods you will choose to bring.

You can still do a lot of things in Houston and My Transgender Cupid shared some of the exciting things you can do there with your transgender partner. But aside from the preparations, what you need to remember is that you need to be there for your partner – to clarify your relationship, to spend numbered days together, and to show just how much you care for each other.

Transgenders in Houston

Dating Transgenders in Houston

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