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New York, Where Dreams Happen

To many people, New York is an adventure just waiting to happen. It is as exciting as visiting Chicago and Los Angeles. However, for people who live in that city, it is a place where they can express themselves and freely express their gender identity without the strong judgment or opposition of people.

Further, it is a city that never sleeps. When you visit, you’ll notice that there’s always an abundance of noise and together with the ever-changing environment it offers, you’ll also be drawn to constantly improve and reinvent yourself.

In 2002, the New York City Council successfully passed a bill gearing towards creating a fair transgender bill. Stipulated in this is the protection and rights of transgender people to express themselves even if their preferred gender does not coincide with their legal sex assignment. Though the definition of how violators can be fined seem vague at that time, new guidelines were made in December 2015 to continue the fight against prejudice on gender identity or expression. And in 2016, they even passed a bill to permit employees in using single-sex facilities like bathrooms that are consistent with their gender identity.

To aid you on your dating in New York, we collected facts on the best places where you can show your sincerity and love to your transsexual partner.


1. Walk along Brooklyn Bridge

We’ve always suggested walking as one of the finest things you can enjoy with your transwoman partner. Why? Walking encourages communication with your lover which strengthens your relationship and bond with each other.

As you both revel in the architectural landscape of Brooklyn Bridge, you can ask some of the vital questions you’ve been dying to ask online but didn’t have the chance to bring up. However, you might also run into cyclists so be alert at all times.

2. Ask her to watch a Broadway show

You can never say you have fully utilized the New York experience without watching one Broadway show. Each season is different so choose what kind of show will attract or entice her according to her personality.

A good music and performance will surely be a night to remember for both of you. You can easily check their homepage and deduce from the critic picks and reviews the show you should reserve. Watch out for discounts online and dress up like you mean it. After the show, you can continue your date on a café.

3. Roam around, eat, and shop at Times Square

A lot of popular films always feature this spot. Far from its previous reputation offering sex shops and a market for booze and drugs, it now is a humongous shopping district that offers an abundance of food shops and the latest fashion finds. Surely, your transgender partner will appreciate if you take her on a shopping spree.

Transgenders in New York

Dating Transgenders in New York

There are still a lot of things you can do in New York, you’ll never run out of things to do with your partner. My Transgender Cupid hopes you’ll meet the one destined for you here.

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