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Situated in the very west of Germany, Aachen is best known for its beautiful Elisenbrunnen, Aachen Cathedral, which houses the remains of Charlemagne and its lively carnival. Rumour has it that in the West of the Republic it is allowed to take off the wedding ring during Carnival and look around unashamedly for a flirt. Whether this is true or not: Aachen is a paradise for singles and those who no longer want to be.

Whether a walk through the romantic city Centre, a date at the quarry lake or a wild party night in one of the many bars - the big city has a lot to offer. Carnival is also an ideal opportunity for flirting. Originally dressed up and in a festive mood, most people are open-minded and expectant, and inhibitions are quickly dismantled when they sway together on the bench. During the fool's time, not only colorful sweets buzz through the air, but also one or two butterflies in the stomach. Statisticians attest Aachen high flirt potential: With just under 39.6 percent, the city in North Rhine-Westphalia is one of the German leaders when it comes to the number of singles. Ideal possibilities to search for a Transgender partner via a personals ad and perhaps feel a palpitating heartbeat again soon.

5 Transgender dating tips in Aachen

When the first meeting is scheduled, creativity is called for. After all, the potential partner should not be bored. However, one should not conjure all too exotic ideas out of the hat, because both should finally feel comfortable. We present five great dating ideas in Aachen with which you can win every heart.


1. Breakfast at Restaurant Elisenbrunnen

The invitation to breakfast is a well-tried classic and that's why it's so popular. Who can resist crispy fresh rolls and a freshly frothed cappuccino? The friendly restaurant in the center of Aachen offers the ideal atmosphere to get to know its sweetheart better over an extensive breakfast. We especially recommend the lavish brunch buffet, which takes place once a month. Love finally goes through the stomach.

2. Die Weinbar

Enjoy a glass of wine in a stylish ambience and have stimulating conversations - the first date could hardly be better. In this lovingly furnished, family-run bar, you can be sure to find a quiet place for intimate conversations and the first flirt attempts. The excellent wine selection and delicious snacks do the rest to conjure up a romantic atmosphere. The first butterflies in the belly may soon be approaching.

3. Old Aachen Café Stuben Van den Daele

Housed in a majestic 17th century building, Aachen's Café-Stuben impress with its winding rooms and charming steps. Massive showcases and paintings on the walls are reminiscent of times long gone, and at the first bite into Aachen's traditional Printen, everyone's eyes roll out with relish. The enjoyment is twice as beautiful in twos, and the unusual interior provides plenty to talk about. If you want to know more about the history of the café, you can pay a short visit to the adjacent Couvenmuseum.

4. Observatory

"The starry sky above Aachen" - this is the motto of the guided tour offered by the observatory. In addition, what could be more romantic than looking at the stars together in a cloudless sky at night? An interesting photo presentation rounds off the tour, registration in advance is not necessary. To prolong the meeting, a tasty meal or a short stroll through the city is a good idea.

Transgender dating ideas in Aachen

5. Am Knipp

Am Knipp Am Knipp isn't just a single of the most seasoned eateries in Aachen, going back to 1698, it is additionally a standout amongst the most well known. Its beautifications speak to the provincial German culture of the area with wooden stalls and diminished lights setting the ideal mood to appreciate one of the nearby Riesling wines or a real German brew. Amid the late spring months the abutting brew plant enables the guest to appreciate the gentle atmosphere and the setting sun. The menu is commanded by the local cooking with generous German dishes, perfect for a first date.

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