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No other city polarizes as many people as Berlin. This metropolis is 360° urban, scores with unmanageable abundance and many facetted faces. The self-confidence of this cosmopolitan city is reflected in its openness towards new guests and Berlin is a hotchpotch of creative impulses from all over the world. And although the Berliners do not mince their words, it is very easy to get in touch with the people thanks to the simplicity and cordiality of the Berliners.

Berlin has a lot to offer for singles: Whether it be the Brandenburg Gate on Pariser Platz, which symbolizes the dynamic history of Berlin as its landmark. Right in the heart of the capital, Potsdamer Platz also serves as a fascinating place of entertainment and attraction for hundreds of thousands of people. The Urania world time clock at Alexanderplatz, affectionately called "alex" by the Berliners, which is the meeting point in Berlin and undoubtedly the starting point for many romantic encounters. This metropolis combines trash with trendy lifestyle/luxury, international business with the bourgeois feel-good backdrop and the cosiness of the familiar neighborhood. Trendy districts such as Mitte or Charlottenburg, like the rest of this sprawling city, are constantly on the move and demand creative input.

5 first Transgender dates in Berlin

So if you are bored of sending out the Anti-Valentine's Day card, you can get inspired by the following tips for a successful date. Many questions and the first nervousness can be counteracted with a good start to the dating. So have fun and success kissing frogs, sparkling encounters and romantic conquests.


1. Astor Film Lounge

In the heart of the City-West, this cinema pearl on Kurfürstendamm retains the character of an old cinemas. The listed cinema hall with its elaborately gathered curtain in front of the large screen impresses with its 50s lounging concept with outstanding picture and sound quality. Many cinemas have to admit defeat, because many Berlin cineasts are hopelessly addicted to sweet amenities such as the concierge with welcome cocktail, the comfortable leather armchairs and the finger food variations served in the square. A great setting for great films and emotions. Your single Transgender partner will be thrilled when visiting the Astor Film Lounge!

2. Belvedere Castle on the Pfingstberg

For singles it is worthwhile to leave the Belvedere castle on the Pfingstberg: With the Belvedere pleasure palace, Friedrich Wilhelm IV. realized his enthusiasm for the Italian Renaissance style and created the undisputedly most beautiful view from the gigantic panoramic terrace over Potsdam and the Havel lakes to Berlin. The reconstructed castle complex, which resides on the Pfingstberg, the highest elevation in Potsdam at 76 metres, can be reached over a long path. By Brandenburg standards, this is admittedly an alpine undertaking, but the view of the monthly moon nights, when the Belvedere is open until late at night, in the romantic-classical lookout castle is worth it! The impressive sunset and rise of the moon over Babelsberg on summer evenings are only crowned by the romantic atmosphere with soft music and a glass of wine. Pure romance, when the festively illuminated Belvedere invites you to stroll and enjoy romantic sounds. The only thing left to do is to enjoy the sky spectacle and look for shooting stars.

3. The Muntermacher café

Those who only think of the aroma from their coffee tin when they see "Muntermacher" will be pleasantly surprised by the café of the same name. The beautiful and bright interior of the breakfast café in Charlottenburg scores points with a creative breakfast menu that titles generous breakfast portions under names such as "Zuckerstück", "Lieblingsstück", "Pracht" or "Landstück". This cafe is a great tip for singles to wake up together! For more information, click on the link The Muntermacher café

4. Solar

So close to the sky: with the glazed outside elevator, one rises above Berlin with floor by floor. The Solar restaurant's lounge concept has established itself above the rooftops of Berlin and, thanks to the airy heights of the 16th and 17th century, offers a unique atmosphere. The second floor and the all-round glazing offer a panoramic view over the heart of the city. Between the sky and the lights of the metropolis, not far from Tempodrom and Anhalter Bahnhof, close to Potsdamer Platz, you can experience the silhouette of the city at sunrise in a stylish atmosphere, while DJs create a club atmosphere. Conclusion, a trendy choice for a date with breathtaking views and delicious cocktails.

Solar - Berlin

5. Clärchen’s Ballhaus

No joke, Clärchen's has been a strong night out on the town scene since 1913. What's more, it's that old-school enchant that still makes it a Berlin organization today. The night can begin off with candlelit supper in the Spiegelsaal, a nineteenth century "reflect room," or clunking two or three glasses in the open air brew plant. The dance lobby in the Clärchen’s Ballhaus offers cha-cha, swing, and salsa classes relying upon the night.

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