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Gelsenkirchen, this city is of course best known for the Schalke 04 football club. But behind the sometimes somewhat rough Ruhr Valley you quickly discover a city where you can come across many great history, people and sights if you take a closer look. Whether chic restaurants, parks or theatres, Gelsenkirchen is much more than just a working class town and those who have succumbed to the special charm of this city will hardly want to live somewhere else.

If you plan a rendezvous in Gelsenkirchen, then you have many possibilities, which can lead to the fact that you will soon be ending your single and can look forward to a great future together. Because of course it is too much more fun to explore the city and also the places for further dates will not run out so fast in Gelsenkirchen. Because only the arena on Schalke with regular football matches and concerts offers a lot of choice for exciting dates that you will certainly remember for a long time to come. Therefore singles in Gelsenkirchen should simply try and find the suitable Transgender partner in Gelsenkirchen and surroundings in the Internet with a singles exchange, because then one can run soon hand in hand by Gelsenkirchen.

5 Transgender dating tips in Gelsenkirchen

To make the first rendezvous in Gelsenkirchen a success, you should first make sure that you really know what your date is about. If one does not know this yet, then it should be better a neutral place. This can be one of the many beautiful restaurants in Gelsenkirchen, for example. After all, a good meal is something that nobody feels is inappropriate for a date and so you really can't go wrong with it. If you have perhaps already considered a few good topics for discussions, nothing can go wrong at the first rendezvous with your perhaps new partner and nothing more stands in the way of love in Gelsenkirchen.


1. The Arena on Schalke

For all those who have a preference for sports or music, the first date can take place in the arena on Schalke. Because there you can watch a concert of your favourite artist together or cheer together for your club. In the Ruhr area, sport is often at the top of the hobby list not only for the lords of creation and so you can always meet as many women as men at Schalke who have arranged a great rendezvous there.

2. Zoom Erlebniswelt

The Zoom Adventure World is one of the most beautiful zoos in NRW and is a popular destination not only for children but also for adults. Whoever spends the first date here, can explore different topic worlds with its future partner and look at animals from all countries in their natural surrounding field after felt environment. There are two very nice restaurants in the Asian themed area for breaks and refreshments, so that the physical well-being of those seeking love is also taken care of here.

3. Trabrennbahn Gelsenkirchen

Tremble together towards victory and prove that you can have luck in love and in play. This is no problem on the trotting track of Gelsenkirchen. Because here you can literally feel the thrill and experience a first rendezvous of a special kind, where perhaps not only the big love but also a little money for the new couple beckons. Thus one can experience something there in any case and who is led with first Rendezvous to such a place, which will expect also fast curiously on it which surprises probably with the third or fourth date.

4. Alte Hütte

The alte Hütte is one of the most famous discotheques of Gelsenkirchen. If you have your first rendezvous at the weekend, you should visit this club in any case. Whether disco fox or another dance style, there is something for everyone and so you can flirt with your partner in a cheerful atmosphere and will certainly not get bored.

Online dating ideas in Gelsenkirchen

5. Restaurant Heiners

A great course menu in typical Ruhr area surroundings, that's what you can offer your date partner if you have chosen this restaurant in Gelsenkirchen. Whether you like it rustic or noble, the menu of this restaurant has something to offer for every guest. So you can look forward to a nice rendezvous in a great restaurant.

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