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The metropolis of Hamburg consists mainly of a single street: the Reeperbahn. Who knows that the Great Freedom still exists next to it, claims insider knowledge for himself. There are two football clubs here and Hamburg is of course by the sea. North Sea or Baltic Sea, you don't take it very seriously. These are the clichés about Hamburg. Of course not a word of it is true, not even that there is the sea to see here, but both German seas are actually to be reached in shortest time and excursion destination of many Transgender singles.

You can stay in town for a flirt, though. The North German is indeed stubborn, which is just as wrong as the thing with the sea, but in the partner search he is open-minded, uses also times a person announcement around the heart palpit again to feel and stands also otherwise the things interested. It comes of its own accord when you live where there is a gateway to the world. The typical Hamburg rain is often absent. That the city is nevertheless so green is rather because of the many rivers and brooks, which meander through the city area and with romantic bays and enchanting meadows in the middle of the metropolis for peace and seclusion. An ideal terrain to fall in love again.

5 Transgender dating tips in Hamburg

The excitement is great when the first date is imminent. The heart is pounding to the neck and somehow you are sure that you can only do everything wrong. The wardrobe has nothing new to offer and it is difficult to have an easy conversation all evening. Who wants to prevent uncertainties, chooses the place of the first acquaintance with caution. It shouldn't be too loud and not too far away. It must be easily accessible for both of them and ideally located in such a way that you can quickly change locations even if your partner does not feel comfortable there.


1. Zur Traube

As it is well known that love goes through the stomach, the wine bar "Zur Traube" is recommended at the beginning of your date. Tasteful furnishings and a long tradition meet excellent cuisine and - how could it be otherwise in a wine bar - selected wines. After dinner, you can stretch your legs and visit one or two bars in the varied district of Ottensen. In summer, life in Ottensen takes place on the streets, giving the district a Mediterranean flair.

2. Hamburg City Park

In the middle of the city, the formerly private city park is perfectly situated for flirting. Here you can spend the whole day: Swimming in the Stadtparksee, pedal or rowing under low hanging pastures, visit the planetarium with its varied lectures or experience a breathtaking concert on the open-air stage. Equipped with your own picnic basket, you can head for the large sunbathing lawn or simply take a stroll through the beautifully maintained park.

3. The Café Klatsch

Breakfast for late risers singles is served at Café Klatsch. In addition to the standards of the menu, you are welcome to arrange your breakfast yourself. Great importance is attached here to high-quality products, which also come from the organic segment. Less importance, on the other hand, is attached to adherence to conventional meal times. Breakfast is served from 10:00 to 19:30.

4. Winter romance in ice skating

Many a couple has met and loved each other on the Ice rink in Planten and Blomen. The ice rink is open all day in winter and a DJ provides music. If you don't have your own skates, you can rent them and for beginners there is a separate field for practicing. It's summer? It doesn't matter. In summer, the lift is available to roller skaters and inline skaters, then even free of charge.

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5. The biggest street festival in town

Every year the Altonale takes place. What for many is only the epitome of a street festival turns out to be an art and culture mile on closer inspection. There is something for every taste and over a period of almost three weeks singles can discover a lot together. At the most unusual venues you can experience art and literature, play bands and also find hearts together if you find out what both really like.

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