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Hanover is despicable and provincial? No, because although the capital of Lower Saxony sometimes had a pale image and exaggerated understatement, visitors to Hanover will now discover that the city has sniffed the scent of the big wide world. International trade fairs such as Cebit are not the only ones that make the city cosmopolitan and interesting.

Hannover's particular pride is its diverse green leafy oases, with which the city invites its visitors to relax and unwind. The people of Hanover not only make their pronunciation sexy - because the vernacular claims that the purest High German is spoken in Hanover. And yet it is difficult to find a transsexual partner for your own needs. Whether it's a lack of rapprochement or too high expectations that stand in the way of a burgeoning love. From one moment to the next you meet a nice self-confident person at eye level and also get a tingly date, whether in the Herrenhäuser Gardens, a walk on the market place or your personal favourite place.

5 Transgender dating tips in Hanover

What does it really take to have an unforgettable date? Neither an overly expensive restaurant, nor sinful underwear and not necessarily too much preparation. The perfect ingredients for a successful start to dating are spontaneity and cosy & atmospheric favourite places, and you can also explore them on a relaxed walk.


1. Herrenhäuser Gardens in Hanover

The big garden in Hanover, the most important baroque garden in Europe and the historical heart of the Royal Herrenhäuser Gardens, is a magnet for visitors. Pyrotechnicians from all over the world compete against each other in the brilliant fireworks competition in the fantastic scenery of the Herrenhausen Gardens. The Pirotecnia Reyes team finished the 2011 competition series and won the title for Mexico. It is the perfect place to find your partner or meet other singles. Every year, on five evenings between May and September, the Great Garden stages pyrotechnical effects in the liaison with magical sounds ranging from classical to pop. In late summer weather, high visitor numbers of around 10,000 a year are thrilled by colourful sky pictures / The sky above the Herrenhäuser Gärten was slowly fading out of its sensational beauty in the evening, bathed in bright colours. A captivating spectacle that gets under your skin!

2. Calenberg New Town

The historic district of Calenberger Neustadt houses many interesting buildings, such as the Basilica of St. Clemens and the Neustadt church. Especially for a date with a newcomer to Hanover, it is a good idea to take him through the most beautiful corners of Hanover and warm him up for the metropolis of Lower Saxony. For singles in any case a perfect opportunity to get to know each other and to exchange mutual interests. Once the city tour is over, the sightseeing program can be duly ended with a first kiss.

3. Besitos – Tapas y mas

The Besito which means "kiss" is the perfect way to get to know each other on your first date in a Spanish atmosphere. Not only can you have exciting conversations over a fiery cocktail. The Besitos also organizes regular speed dating evenings for all singles in Hannover. In the relaxed and warm athmosphere that the Besitos radiates, you get to know your counterpart with ease. With a little bit of luck your dream partner will be with the candidates and you can put an end to your single existence once and for all.

4. Alexander

For all fans of late night feasts, Alexander offers a common basis for a first culinary date. Warm dishes are served here until 2.30am, making it perfect for singles who want to look deep into their eyes over a beer. If you want to prove your skills to your worshipers, you can do so in a round of darts.

Neues Rathaus Hannover abends

5. State Theatre of Lower Saxony

For culturally interested trans singles, a visit to a theatre performance in the Lower Saxony State Theatre is a good opportunity to get to know each other better. The theatre was originally the royal court theatre and shines with beautiful architecture and a magnificent ambience. During a romantic introduction of it then an easy to look the other in the eyes and to end the first date with a kiss.

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