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Leipzig is primarily associated with the paradisiacal real estate market and the affordable gastronomy scene. Above all, the heart of Leipzig beats for a city whose unmistakable charm was already decayed by a famous German poet. "I praise my Leipzig," said Goethe and indeed, you could feel the echo of the historical past in Leipzig. The beautiful metropolis of Saxony unites many facets. Whether as a traditional trade fair city, dynamic business location or vibrant young city in the midst of old restored Renaissance and Art Nouveau buildings.

It is hardly possible to escape the spell of this city, but the people of Leipzig are very happy to fall under the spell of an unexpected encounter. When a tingly encounter catches sparks and stomach tingling and unreasonable plans suddenly throw overboard, love is involved. However, life doesn't always have the partner ready, who pays you for waiting alone and it's hard to get rid of your single status overnight. If the job and other things were the top priority so far, it is now time to take care of your own affairs of the heart and to get involved in charming encounters. You can be sure of the engaging friendliness of the Leipzig Transgender singles.

5 Transgender dating tips in Leipzig

The first rendezvous reveals - often within a few seconds - whether this encounter can become love. Who knows if it's just a few romantic evenings for two before it's all over again? However, perhaps the magic of the first encounter will last a lifetime. Ideally, you already have to know your counterpart through writing messages and telephoning to such an extent that sympathy and curiosity has developed. Afterwards you should get involved in getting to know each other, paying attention to whether the chemistry is right, the charming charisma of the other person arrives and humorous open discussions crown the first date. Whatever your first encounter, you could start in a place where both feel comfortable. Therefore, you can now find the best tips for dating in Leipzig.


1. City stroll along the historic market place

Probably every single in Leipzig would recommend choosing the historical market place as a meeting point for the first date. Why? For newcomers to Leipzig, the quickest way to explore this beautiful city is by taking a walk. In addition, since the spatial density with short distances is characteristic for the Leipzig city Centre, many sights in Leipzig can be explored wonderfully on foot (and without greater pain with high heel wearers). Leipzig radiates liveliness and cordiality, romantic cafés in small alleys and a ramified passenger system scattered along inner courtyards that drift relaxed through Leipzig. It's the perfect place if you're looking for singles to flirt. Katharinenstraße with its impressive Baroque buildings, numerous original shopping stops Mädlerpassage, historical buildings such as the old town hall built in Renaissance style, the Nikolaikirche, a detour into Auerbach's cellar, which Goethe immortalized in Faust.

2. Café Madrid

In the small Klostergasse, in the middle of the city, there is a Spaniard who wants to be discovered by singles. Entering the Café Madrid, you will experience a touch of flamenco and Spanish temperament. In this cafe, you will find everything a single person's heart desires. Modern Spain welcomes the guest, surprised by the size of the restaurant, to an authentic Spanish-Catalan restaurant. With a relaxed holiday feeling, one perceives the sociable bustle and murmuring, relaxed chat with friends and looks forward to culinary delicacies from the Iberian peninsula of Gazpacho, Tapas, Tortilla, to Paella Crema Catalana. Whether for dinner, delicious Sunday brunch or simply for flirting, here the encounter becomes tingly and exciting.

3. Sol y mar

Leipzig's Gottschedstraße is the hub for the hottest restaurants, trendy bars and cafés. Here is especially the stylish in-local Sol y mar recommended as it is close to the city between the Thomaskirche and the historical city center is. As soon as you enter the Sol y mar, you will be enchanted by the authentic lounge concept and the untiring coziness of this exotic ambience. Asian wicker and rattan furniture, sofas/futons, seating areas and sunbathing areas with cream-white and brown cushions invite you to relax and enjoy. Sol y Mar in Leipzig is the perfect place when it comes to flirting, dating or dating for singles. In addition, with the abundance of veils and cloths, one or the other single wonders how many meters of fabric were used in the restaurant. The warm color accents also support the Mediterranean flair and the holiday feelings in the restaurants & bar as well as Mediterranean and Eurasian cuisine and exotic cocktail lists, tempting with tasty cocktails. This is the address for breakfast or brunch, as well as for an evening date.

4. Dating at Cafe Telegraph

For all just need, a moment to decide who your Mr. Right or Mrs. Right is, speed dating at Cafe Telegraph in Leipzig is recommended. In this cafe, you have the choice between different meals and drinks from different national kitchens. If you want to find your dream partner in this modern ambience, you have a good chance to meet him at the monthly short rendezvous. Singles can flirt here in a relaxed atmosphere and look deep into each other's eyes. Cafe Telegraph is a meeting point for all singles in Leipzig who are looking for a partner and would like a cozy place to flirt.

transgender dating in Leipzig

5. German Book and Museum of Writing

For all singles the German Book and Script Museum in Leipzig is the perfect place for your first date. Not only can you talk about your personal literary preferences in the historical ambience. In the world's oldest specialist museum for books and writings, the Spanish first edition of "Don Quixote" or "Faust", for example, can also be viewed in a wide variety of exhibitions.

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