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If a person from Munich is on holiday abroad, he involuntarily gets the impression that Munich is only known for pretzels, veal sausage and beer as the venue of the Oktoberfest. Finally, one is often bothered with sayings such as "Ahh Munich - place of Oktoberfest" or alternatively "the German beer festival". After all, there are plenty of clichés: the people of Munich always have beer garden weather (by the way, a high on the Munich hairdryer), they are always chic dressed up in dirndls and lederhosen and use the world's biggest folk festival for flirting.

In addition, since Munich is the cosmopolitan city with a heart, flirtatious singles from all over the world really do romp about in Munich and "Zugroaste" meet with special openness. It is no coincidence that the Bavarian state capital is known as a single stronghold; in no other metropolis in Germany is the proportion of people without partners as high as in Munich. According to the Bavarian State Office for Statistics and Data Processing, about a quarter of Bavarians are single. It is therefore not surprising that the search for Transgender partners in Bavaria concentrates very much on the state capital. Especially in summer the people of Munich are in a flirt mood, whether at the open-air cinema at the Olympic Lake, at the Seehaus in the English Garden or in cozy Schwabing cafés, Munich has a lot to offer for lovers and those who want to become one.

5 Transgender dating tips in Munich

The first date approaches and still one is not sure where to go. Now it's time to get ready for the meeting with all the energy we've been looking forward to. It should be romantic and offer something original. Whether a meeting for breakfast, a harmless appointment in the afternoon or a date in the evening, a well-chosen meeting point offers the opportunity to flirt and prevents embarrassing breaks in conversation. Therefore, we have selected the most beautiful places in Munich for every occasion.


1. Open-air cinema

Munich's advantages as a fresh air paradise become particularly clear as soon as you consider making yourself comfortable with your date on a meadow and starting the film summer under the open sky. Wonderfully mild summer nights then invite fans of action films, romantic comedies or exciting thrillers to capture the sweetheart in the open-air cinema at Lake Olympia or to see a romantic love film in love with the cinema on the lake stage in Westpark. One thing is common to the different open-air cinemas, however, they promise a wonderful opportunity to flirt in unobserved togetherness and sweet idleness.

2. Brenner Grill

In the scene-Restaurant Brenner-Grill, you breathe the Italian way of life: In the listed columned hall, the historic dome vault of the former residence stables has been preserved. This gives the restaurant in Maximilianstraße a lively flair that creates a relaxed and relaxed loft atmosphere, especially in summer, thanks to its access to the terraces. Here you cannot only take your transsexual date as a single after dinner into the beautiful bar area and observe the chic and stylish audience.

3. Seehaus in the English Garden, Kleinhesseloher See

The Seehaus at the English Garden offers an unobtrusive and idyllic setting for an afternoon date. Especially as the way to the Seehaus from the classics of the southern English Garden such as the Monopteros and the Chinese Tower to Kleinhesseloher See, create a romantic setting. With the view of the lake, surrounded by the lively events of the beer garden, you can enjoy the first warm rays of the sun and then take a short boat trip.

4. Anh Thu

This Munich restaurant in the Kurfürstenstraße in Schwabing with the young Vietnam cuisine is showered with hymns of praise. The modern and almost lovely interior is perfect for new lovers who like it cozy and yet stylish. The authentic cuisine is a small voyage of discovery into the realm of exotic flavors, spices and colors. The first nervousness fades away when you get to know each other and gives way to the beguiling culinary delights that you enjoy in the company of your date.

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5. Breakfast at Café Forum

What looks more charming and skillful than inviting your Transgender date for breakfast: Leave the stress of the week behind, into your clothes, out of the apartment and off to a cozy café. A relaxed breakfast with lively entertainment is the easiest way to get to know your date. For confessing late risers, for example, the Café Forum is a good choice for a tasty morning meal, selected from a weekly changing special breakfast menu, which, in addition to the standard breakfast menu, creates enthusiasm. Here, the large terrace and the Munich sun provide a boost of happiness hormones. Another advantage of this date classic is that the rest of the day can be used for an extended date.

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