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You finally asked out that nice single person, but what can you do? Ever thought about a day out in Amsterdam? The perfect city for your first date. Or maybe even your second! This bustling town in the west of the Netherlands is definitely worth exploring together. To help you on your way, dating site My Transgender Cupid has listen the most fun spots for you!


Stroll through the nine streets with your transgender date

With beautiful streets and shops, the 9 Straatjes (9 streets) in Amsterdam is something great to see. The place to be for the people living there, for tourists and even filmmakers. The romantic movie called Hartenstraat has been recorded here in collaboration with My Transgender Cupid. Together, take a walk along the buildings and canals and in-between enjoy a delicious lunch or a cup of coffee with apple pie.

Take a boat trip in Amsterdam

Are you a true water rat? Or a beautiful swan, whatever you feel like! Then you will enjoy a day out on and along the water. Enjoy a beautiful boat trip through the canals of Amsterdam or take a ferry transfer on one of the small ferries on the IJ. There, you can enjoy all the docked pearls in the harbor and you can get to know each other better during a lunch or snack at Loetje aan ‘t IJ.

Discover Amsterdam Rijksmuseum

With various exhibitions and themes, the Amsterdam Rijksmuseum is the perfect place to explore together by walking though the different halls and make a journey through time. After enjoying the arts of Rembrandt and Vermeer, you can both end this special date with a bite to eat and a drink at the museum’s café, or at one of the surrounding lunchrooms or restaurants.

Walk around the market at the Albert Cuyp

Together, you can visit the most famous market street in the Netherlands. At the Albert Cuyp-market you can find an astounding 260 stalls with basically everything! People who visit Amsterdam and really want to have a taste of the atmosphere, cannot skip the Albert Cuyp-market. Enjoy a healthy smoothie or a puntzak (cone) of fries with a big amount of mayo or fall back to one of the surrounding coffee houses or lunchrooms.

Love goes through the stomacht

Get to know each other better during a delicious afternoon snack in the most famous lunchrooms of Amsterdam. Get in for a surprise with the lunch menu of Dutch singer and presenter Gordon at Blushing Amsterdam or go for a healthy option at SLA which is known for its popular nutrition book Een handboek voor groen, gezond en geweldig lekker eten. (A handbook for green, healthy and really delicious food.)

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