This time let’s clarify who transgender and transsexual women are, and is it worth questioning their femininity and womanhood.

Nowadays we observe a tendency where trans women claim to be the real women, and even the concept “trans” should be removed from the reference to the women who were assigned males at birth. In contrast to this point of view there is still a large number of people that strongly dispute or just doubt those claims. To look into this matter let’s see what the concept “transgender” does mean, and is it the latest “fashion”or genuine self-identity, after all.

Sex assignment or gender identity

We are all used to believe that the sex given us at birth (considering the appearance of external genitalia) and the gender identity (self-perception or private sense of own gender) must absolutely coincide. Yes, this happens to the most people, however among us are the individuals who experience gender dysphoria which is leading to the pursuit of aligning their physical appearance with their own gender identity by all means.

While there is still a long way for Western society to believe and realize this fact, many credible gender identity researches and studies prove its truth. For example, there are convincing studies confirming that gender identity is present in the brain (but not in genitals as it’s commonly believed), and it’s innate thing.

Other theory says that gender identity may depend on the amount of testosterone entering the fetus during the mother’s pregnancy.

Another standpoint that can be traced in the gender studies says that gender identity is pretty unaltered. In other words, once someone has realized that their self-identity is different from the sex they were assigned at birth, they tend holding on this decision.

Long way of transition

For many transgender people the process of transition may be a lifelong process, no arguments or circumstances may change their minds. Certainly, there always be a small percentage of those who goes through transition twice, but in most cases such switch of mind and gender isn’t inherent to transgender people. Moreover, most transsexual women will tell you that they were aware about their difference all their life, even most likely from the early childhood.

Are trans-women real women?

These facts dispel all the myths around trans women and prove that the gender dysphoria isn’t caused by the social influence or the confusion of one’s own perception. It is inborn trait and unquestioning awareness of self gender identity, in most cases, once a child learns to speak.
Besides that there are other religions and cultures around the world that go out the frame of binary system and admit the presence of third gender and more. Thailand is a clear example of such concept and demonstrates an outstanding social tolerance towards trans women.

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