As Australia’s most diverse city, Melbourne has a strong gay and Transgender community. The city has a vibrant arts and entertainment scene and attracts people of all sort of ethnicities, sexuality and gender. It is a veritable melting pot of people, with communities originally from the UK, Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa and many parts of Asia. These include Hong Kong people, Vietnamese, Thais, Filipinos and Malaysians.

When most people learn I am Transgender, they are generally quite understanding. Whether I am looking to date a new guy or looking to make new female or male friends. The majority of people I meet are happy, but curious, when they know they have finally met a Trans woman. Some people may be a little cautious at first, but are usually respectful. Upon learning that I belong to the T (Transgender) community, part of the LGBTQ acronym.

How many months have you been a member of My Transgender Cupid or an online ts dating platform? Do you think your efforts offer no yield? Is it getting to the point you are already doubting if dating virtually is even possible?

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Here’s a roundup of the possible causes stopping you from getting that fun and loving relationship:

Are you dating someone who is not fluent in your native language? Are you thinking twice if you should continue the relationship or if it is worth it at all?

My Transgender Cupid is here to remind you that love can weather whatever barrier you think you have in your relationship. If you really like the person you are dating, you’ll always find a way to be with him or her.

Go for it and as a bonus, below are a few tips on how to stay strong in your relationship.