This time let’s clarify who transgender and transsexual women are, and is it worth questioning their femininity and womanhood.

Nowadays we observe a tendency where trans women claim to be the real women, and even the concept “trans” should be removed from the reference to the women who were assigned males at birth. In contrast to this point of view there is still a large number of people that strongly dispute or just doubt those claims. To look into this matter let's see what the concept “transgender” does mean, and is it the latest “fashion”or genuine self-identity, after all.

It’s not her first beauty pageant and previously she had won few of them in her home city Los Angeles, USA.

But this time it was a new level, and her lifelong dream to compete in an international beauty pageant has finally completed. This's about Camille Anderson that last March has represented the US in the largest global transgender pageant Miss International Queen. Even if the crown was given to the Thai contestant Mo Jiratchaya, Anderson found this experience emotional and unforgettable. As Camille (her pageant name) told to CNN interview, she felt nervous and intimidated. “You walk in heels day and night. It's like a test,” she said, still adding that all contestants have to be able handle that, because they are going to be in the spotlight.