Remember how in 2015 rumors about Keanu Reeves dating trans actress Jamie Clayton caused a real sensation in mass media?

But what’s special about cisgender man dating transgender woman to get so much attention? Did this really put into question Reeve’s sexuality? Or is there still someone doubting about Jamie Clayton’s femininity? Yea, a lot of questions right from the beginning. But we are here to make a point and to break down the myth about cis men who date transwomen instantly becoming gay. Sometimes the lack of knowledges about transgender community makes cis people calling into question the femininity of trans women which leads to attempts of misgendering them. So let’s look closely at the concept “transgender” one more time to confirm that trans women are real women.

Sexual orientation and gender identity

First of all, no matter which one configuration of genitalia they have, transgender women are women. Femininity is not their choice, it’s essential part of their minds and a genuine feeling of themselves.
Secondly, here a distinction must be drawn between a sexual orientation and gender identity – these are two completely separate matters. Sexual orientation is who you’re attracted to, and gender identity is who do you feel yourself.
There are men who are attracted to trans women, which is no difference if they would prefer to date with blondes or brunettes, women with slim or full figured bodies. At the same time, trans women have all qualities and chances to conquer the hearts of any men they want.

Trans women deserve to be loved

Just same as cis women there are transgender ladies of any types, sizes, shapes or ethnicities. The assumption that they all look like the linebackers in dresses is such an old stereotype, and it’s time for it to become a thing of the past.

After all, trans women are so stunning and feminine that they are walking down the runways since 60’s.

And even though they don’t sign fashion modeling contracts there are lots of beautiful, talented and intelligent trans ladies that would make happy any man who had an opportunity to date with them. By the way, there are many single trans women in search for a sincere relationship on MyTransgenderCupid – it’s your chance to meet and get to know them closer! If you’re looking for a trans girlfriend it’s an excellent place for you to find a date!

In conclusion, transgender women deserve to be sincerely loved. They are not just someone’s object of desire or fantasies. They also seek for long-term partners to create committed relationship and family with.
And again, if a cis man prefers to date with trans women that doesn’t make him automatically gay. In case he dates other man whether he’s cis or trans, then it does. Today we live in a time to be more openminded putting aside any stereotypes or false assumptions. That’s why, trans orientation deserves to be understood and accepted by the general population.