Frank, a man I’d met on MyTransgenderCupid, and I had just finished dinner at a very nice vegetarian restaurant in London.

It was the third time we’d met up and things were progressing nicely. He was handsome and charming and told me that I was the first Transgender woman he’d ever dated.

According to Frank, he’s always admired Trans women from afar. However, it wasn’t until he joined MyTransgenderCupid that he realized that there were so many Transgender women around London and the nearby areas.

Transgender dating sites are invaluable

We had chatted every day online since we’d first met some three weeks ago. Using a specialized transgender dating site had given us the opportunity to get to know each other before actually meeting. It seemed we had many things in common. We had some similar likes and dislikes and both had objectives in our lives. I had asked Frank many questions at first. I asked whether he was looking for a long-term relationship. Or did he want a short-term “fix” for his curiosity about Trans girls? In other words, did he have a fetish for a chick-with-a-dick. Or did he dream about making love with a Trans woman who still had her penis (as I do)?

As you can imagine, most Transwomen get deluged with inquiries and messages when they join a dating site. And I was no exception. I must have had over 30 replies in the first two weeks. I’m happy to say that most were from men genuinely looking to date a Transgender woman. They said they saw no real difference between us a genetic woman.

You always get a few strange ones though and I had one or two. One man, in particular, wanted to meet up and make love to me when he was dressed in women’s underwear. It seems he had a fetish for wearing stockings and suspenders and a bra and panties. He thought a Transgender woman might the best sort of girlfriend to indulge in such activities with. Still, it takes all sorts, and that man was actually very nice to chat to.

Transgender women know they are Trans but don’t know too!

Frank had asked me a lot of questions too, albeit in a nice, non-intrusive way. He knew I still have my penis and am happy to use it if need be. He knows I have had breast implants and some minor cosmetic surgeries on my nose, eyebrows etc. In fact, we talked about all sorts things not just about Trans matters. For example, we discussed how good it was to find a specialized dating site such as MyTransgenderCupid purely for T-girls and interested men. We agreed the site eliminates misunderstandings which often arise in bars or clubs when men are looking for Trans women and vice versa. We talked about our careers and our future plans. We talked a bit about our hobbies and sports we like and so on.

Maybe, surprisingly, we hadn’t talked much about our past lives. I guessed it was only a matter of time before Frank asked me about my past. Indeed, almost right on cue, he put down his glass of juice and looked me in the eyes. “Kathy, can I ask you when you first knew, without any doubt that you were Trans? If you don’t want to tell me that’s fine, but I’m interested,” he said.

Transgender dating sites

I smiled at the man. “I really don’t mind to tell you,” I replied. “But I guess I’m much the same as most other Transgender women. We know we are Trans but don’t know too. If that makes sense?

Frank frowned. “Sort of, but can you explain a bit more?”

“Well,” I sighed. “It’s a bit like dreaming where you can mix up a variety of events which happened over, say, the last two weeks. Some parts of your dream makes sense and other parts don’t. But you really don’t know why.”

Frank looked puzzled. “You mean…”

“Let me give you a two-minute overview of when and how I realized I was Transgender, that will make it clear…. ” When I was growing up, one day out of the blue, I saw a pair of my sister’s tights lying around in the bathroom. For some reason, I put them on and truly enjoyed the feeling I got. I don’t know why I did this or whether I’d ever do it again. Yet over the next 3 or 4 years, now and them I’d try on women’s clothing. You know, dresses, bars and panties or skirts and tops. Infrequently and irregularly, but still didn’t know why. I actually liked girls but wasn’t sure it was because of what they wore and how they acted or because I was attracted to them.>

Frank nodded, listening intently.

One day when I was about 13, my mother announced that next weekend the family were going for a weekend break to the coast. I could go with them or stay at home and look after myself. My brain went into overdrive and I could hardly contain myself. Stay at home it was. Waiting for them to go was akin to torture.

Within an hour of their departure, I’d showered and made myself smell nice with some perfume and talc. I dressed in a white bra and panty set, a petticoat or underslip and one of my sister’s dresses I’d always admired. For breasts, I used rice packed into the cut off feet portions of tights. To make my hips look wider, I used some foam padding from my mother’s sewing cupboard. I knew my mother had a wig and borrowed that. I took nearly an hour doing my make-up, remembering how my mother and sister did theirs.

This was the first time I’d fully dressed as a female. And, when I looked in the mirror admiring the female image I had created, I started to cry. This was the real me! This was how I was meant to be. It was at this moment, I knew I was Trans. No doubt about it. And I bet if you ask many of the other T-girls on MyTransgenderCupidthey will tell you a similar story.

Frank reached across and squeezed my arm in a gesture of tenderness, and a stray tear rolled down my cheek. The emotion of that day never leaves me!


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