It goes without saying that people join MyTransgenderCupid to find and date a genuine person to be their life partner. Both Transgender women and Trans attracted men hope to find the love of their lives.

They can search through thousands of profiles of other members, looking for the one who is right for them. During the course of their search, some Trans women get to know a wide variety of people. Some may not have had the chance to meet if they'd not joined an online dating site. Same for men, dating online gives a great opportunity to meet "kindred spirits" from amongst all of the other members online.

But it's not only that. If you stop and think about it, using MyTransgenderCupid gives you a great opportunity to learn more about yourself, whether you are Trans or Trans interested.

How? Well, read our tips below to find out:

Your profile can be very revealing

On any dating site, once you become a member, it's necessary to fill in a profile and select a primary and several other photos.

For consistency, the profile will ask a series of set questions about you, about your physical appearance, your educational background and your likes, dislikes, hobbies and so on. It may include a section about your life objectives and goals, both for Trans women and the men who are attracted to them.

You also have the chance to consider and record what you are looking for in a partner. How tall, what body build and details about their personality, likes and dislikes etc.

In other words, you are committing to print things about yourself and your ideal potential partner to which you may not previously have given much thought to. But now you have to write down the details, it will make you think about yourself.

Take this excellent opportunity to think carefully about your goals and objectives not only related to dating matters. You have, hopefully, written down something which can make you objectively think about your life and your own expectations. Plus, make it clear what you are really looking for in a Transgender woman or Trans oriented man;

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A boost to your confidence

Whilst filling out a profile on a dating site can help you learn more about yourself, that is only the first step.

Provided your profile is interesting and your photo(s) appealing, you are going to start meeting other genuine singles. In no time at all, Trans women will start receiving message requests to make contact with all sorts of interested men. And Trans attracted men will, no doubt, begin to hear from a selection of beautiful Transgender women.

Whilst chatting with all of these new friends, you will gradually become aware that you can easily interact with people from your home town, own country and even overseas. Your confidence should receive a boost and you may, for example, suddenly discover that you are not so shy or reserved at all. Indeed, you are actually much more engaging and funnier than you thought. People like to talk to you. Trans women enjoy chatting with you. And plenty of interested men keep coming back for chats and more detailed discussions;

Tell it like it is

It is very tempting to overexaggerate your abilities, characteristics or even looks when using a dating site such as MyTransgenderCupid. Who doesn't want to say: "beautiful Transgender woman" or "handsome Trans oriented man"? Or "semi-professional artist" when you have just started to paint. Or "excellent ballroom (or modern) dancer" when you only began lessons last week?

Even worse is to tell blatant lies. About your age, your weight, your relationship status or even the person in your photo (it's not you!).

Whether you exaggerate or lie, you will be found one way or another. And, usually, even before you get to meet that Trans woman you are aware of getting on so well with before she found you were not telling the whole truth! But if you get to meet and the truth is revealed, you will not only look foolish but may lose the opportunity to meet your perfect match!

So, as you now know, being a member of a Transgender dating site can have a dual purpose. It can offer you the opportunity to potentially find a life-partner, friendship or perhaps the true love of your life on our TS dating platform It is also an excellent way to get to know yourself better.


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