A very high percentage of the Trans women dating who are members of MyTransgenderCupid can identify three main phases of their (dating) lives.

We can call these phases: the beginning, the middle and the end.

It is estimated that some 7-7.5% of the world’s population falls into the LGBT community (gay, Trans or non-binary). Within this range of figures, some 1.5-2% are said to represent Transgender people, both MtF and FtM. Therefore, there are far more Trans women in the world than you think! There are Trans women in every country and in every strata of society. In every profession and in every race. Being Transgender is unpredictable, although there is some evidence of it being common in family lineage.

Not all of the journeys of Trans women are the same, of course, but there are similarities between many of the ladies.

Trans women just sort of know they are Transgender

So, if we start by looking at the “beginning”, it’s common for Trans women when growing up to:

  • know they are somehow different from other male children but are not sure why. This is a feeling which lingers at the back of the mind of a Trans woman. It’s hard to pin it down, but the feeling is just there. It won’t go away but may be dormant or subconsciously suppressed. Eventually, with more knowledge and understanding, the realization of being Transgender resurfaces;
  • have characteristics more like a female than their designated gender of male. This may be mannerisms or in body build. Many Trans women have long legs or fine hands or certain characteristics which are more feminine than masculine;
  • prefer to play with girls and avoid rough and tumble games which boys usually play. No fighting or playing rugby or jumping from trees or fixing motor bikes and getting dirty hands. Young Transgender women often like to play dress-up or join in activities more associated with females, such as playing with dolls or skipping;
  • whenever they have the chance, dress up in female clothes, pretending to be a young girl. This may be for a school play or a beauty pageant but more often than not in secret;
  • risk getting caught dressed up as female by their family, with the associated problems and/or being scolded. One problem is that many young Trans women simply have to make time to dress as females. It’s not an elective choice, it is just something they have to do. And the risks they take may be huge as the shame of being caught is immense;

Trans women progress from stage to stage

Next, if we look at the “middle” period. Trans women, usually, when in their mid to late teens:

  • meet others who are similar to them, and compare notes and gain a better understanding of what being Transgender means;
  • discover that they can take hormones such as estrogen to help feminine themselves. Taking such hormones can soften the fledgling Trans woman’s skin, instigate some breast growth and help delay puberty. Delaying puberty is important as this can reduce facial hair growth or prevent a male voice form breaking and becoming deeper;
  • dress more frequently as females, with some T-girls dressing and presenting full time by the time they reach 17 or 18;
  • possibly have some minor cosmetic surgery such as laser treatment to remove any facial hair or even a rhinoplasty (nose alteration);
  • start seeing a specialized doctor who can administer hormones and guide them through the transition process
Evolution of Transgender women

Trans women enjoy dating men, just like other women

And finally, the “end” period. By the time they reach their early 20’s many Transsexual women are in “full bloom”. They:

  • will, probably, have been on female hormones for some time undertaking what is commonly called HRT (hormone replacement therapy). There are three main types of hormones which Transsexual women take, with each one having a specific function;
  • may have had breast augmentation surgery to give them a fuller bust. Most times taking hormones does not stimulate enough breast growth for many T-girls and most desire at least a ‘B’ or ‘C’ cup—hence the need for surgery;
  • also may have had genital reconstruction surgery or what is commonly known as gender confirmation surgery. This involves removing their penis and constructing a working vagina. Mind you, not all Trans women go through this painful process;
  • will almost certainly be living and working full-time in their rightful gender;
  • be ready to start dating a genuine man through a Trans-women dating website such as MyTransgenderCupid. Most Trans women much prefer to be a member of a dating site as it is generally much easier to find a man for a long-term relationship. All male members on MyTransgenderCupid know that they are chatting with a Trans woman so there are no misunderstandings or confusion. Such issues can easily arise in a bar or nightclub when men often mistake Trans women for genetic women

All in all, Trans women are almost all on a road to finally being “complete” women. The objective is the same, it’s just that the road to get there varies greatly!