Your date will not end well if you refer to your date as a tranny or shemale. It’s offensive and even if joking, it is never respectful and never a civilized conversation, it’s just down right rude!

Treat Mew With The Same Respect As Any Other Girl

I cannot tell you how many times I've met someone at a bar that has been so nice, so sweet, so polite only to have it go totally south when he has found out I'm trans! The questions change from what do you like doing on weekends? To So, being trans do you think you are real women? It's well beyond insulting, degrading, and humiliating. We deserve the same respect and opportunity for love as anyone else. If you are not able to do that, then stay away from that really nice trans girl!

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Most Of Us Are Not Professors Of Gender Studies

Don't ask us what it's like to live in our shoes or what are views are regarding trans women in the world. Ask questions that relate to her as a person. If she's an author ask her how she goes about forming her stories. If she's a doctor, ask her what field of medicine she is in and why that field attracted her. If your girl happens to be a professor of gender studies, then, by all means, ask about the subject, but don't ask simply because she's a trans girl.

Ask About My Life – Not How I Am In Bed

Some girls do not have the support from their families but hope someday to have their own family. That's what they would rather talk about instead of current family members who will not accept who they are. Other girls have very liberal backgrounds and would be more than happy to talk about their excellent family support. Picking your questions will actually help you get to know this person and a very genuine level. It shows that you are actually very interested in their lives.

Ask About Our Hobbies – Those Special Aspects That Make Us Happy

I love window shopping or outright shopping with friends, visiting zoos, and decorating my home. I could talk all day about my friends, my pets, and all the activities I enjoy doing each and every day. Asking non-gender related topics will get you in touch with someone in a very positive way.

Ask About Our Goals For The Future

Everyone has dreams and goals for their future. Some people dream of moving from a sales position to store manager. Others enjoy working for their local vet but want to finish their education and have a degree as a Veterinarian. This is a great way to get to know someone and with a really good conversation, you will both get to know something more about each other.

Do Not Ask What My “Real” Name Used To Be

Quite honestly, it's very inappropriate and none of your business. It has nothing to who I am now or what my name is now. That's the past, I believe in the present and future. Why do you even want to know? You do even remember my last name, let alone my first name?

Do Not Compliment Us On How Feminine We Are

Trans women are not trying to “fool” someone or be something they are not. It took a little more work to get here but it was well worth our time. It was not done to get some stranger's approval.

Do Compliment Us On Our Appearance

If she looks wonderful in the dress she is wearing or the way she has styled her hair – say so! Everyone loves a compliment!

Never – Ever Ask If She Has Ever Been In the Sex Business

None of your business! If you slept with half the girls in college does that make you a better person than a girl who might have been paid because being a trans makes it really difficult to find a real job. On top of that, not all trans have gone down that road because some of us had the full support of our families and went on to college straight out of high school. I also had the complete support of my family until I could find a really good job! Even so, there are times I'm still asked that question and it's still totally inappropriate, rude, offensive and making it seem as if we are all stereotypical!

If You Have a Fetish – Keep It To Yourself

If you have some weird fetish about dating a trans because of some wild trans porn movie you saw, you are probably with the wrong young lady. Chances are, if you want a porn experience, you should take the legal and health risk and hire a hooker! But if you think that's what we are about, you are sadly mistaken!

Take A Good Look At Yourself And Ask Yourself Honest Questions

Honestly, before dating a transgender would you ask cisgender woman the same questions you would ask a trans woman? Of course, the answer is not and you have no right asking us these questions either. We are just as respectable, acceptable, and caring as any other girl. Treat us with the respect we deserve and you will have a life-long friend or partner sharing amazing stories with for many years to come.


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