If you have made a decision to date a Transgender woman, make sure you go about it the right way. Of course, your objective is to find the true love of your life. But are you truly ready to start looking for a Trans woman of your dreams? Everyone who joins a Transgender dating site has the same intentions, so you need to be “a cut above the rest”. You need to stand out from the other men looking to find and date a genuine Trans lady to be their life partner.

How to do this? Well, simply follow some of our really great tips about dating Transgender women and you’re sure to go far:

1. Be well prepared when starting Trans dating:

some men looking to date Trans woman are not really aware of what such dating involves. What’s more, they may not know about the social or community environment in which some of these Trans women grow up.

In reality, dating a Trans woman is not so dis-similar from dating genetic women. Trans women are, after all, fundamentally women, often with the same disposition and temperament as “regular” women. Be aware of this so that you know how to deal with any mood swings or foibles your Trans lady has.

Also, it is important to remember that many Trans-women have overcome many challenges from within their family to get where they are today.

Finally, Asian Trans women such as Ladyboys (accepted name in the Asian world) from Thailand or Trans-pinay from The Philippines are far more visible in everyday life than in western counties such as UK, United States or Holland. Some say that Asian Trans women “pass” better than European male to female Transgender people and this helps them fit in better. This is due, in part, to the relatively small stature of many Asians, plus the facial characteristics such as high cheekbones.

Yet, whilst Asian Trans are more visible, they are still not universally accepted in their home countries. Nor, sadly, in many parts of Europe or, especially, in the US. In Asia they are tolerated yes: unequivocally accepted, not really. As long as you know this, you can deal with any prejudices which either or both of you may encounter either in your home country or theirs.

2. Be honest with yourself and manage your own expectations

Naturally, you want to find a stunning transgender women to be by your side. To be the wife of your dreams. To be your long-term Trans partner. All well and good, but do bear in mind that good looks are only part of the equation. The age difference is another.

Sure, relationships with major age differences can work, whether they be hetero or Trans relationships. But if your Trans lady is, say, < 25 and you are over 60, you’ll need to work extra hard to keep her interested and loyal to you.

For any foreign man dating an Asian Trans woman, the biggest temptation is to be seduced by her beauty, her long black, flowing hair and her great body.

But do also have a think about the educational background of your potential Transgender partner compared with yours. Is she a degree holder or not? Did she finish secondary school? Has she got skills which be transferable to another country? Can she converse well enough in a language you both speak (probably English)?

And finally, under this tip heading, consider how your Trans lady will cope living in one of the European countries or the US when she may have lived amongst her own people all of her life. Language issues, ability to work and cultural differences to name but a few. If you are intending to live in Thailand or The Philippines it is often easier unless you still plan to work, which can be problematical in some cases.

3. Be honest with the Trans woman/women you are “dating” online

As well as being honest with yourself, don’t mislead the Trans woman you are dating online.

Firstly, if you are “playing the field” and have several Trans women on the go at the same time, don’t get too serious with the one who is low on your list of priorities. Don’t make promises you do not intend to keep and certainly don’t go and see her parents if you don’t plan on having a long-term relationship.

Also, don’t give her the impression that you are rich enough to be able to support her when you can’t. And don’t claim have a big house or apartment in the city you live, where in reality you are unemployed and living with your mother! If you truly want a long-term relationship with a Trans beauty, be straightforward and up front from the beginning.

You’ll see that our tips are practical and our advice prudent. Yet, only you know in your heart if you are really looking for a long-term relationship with a Transgender woman from Thailand or The Philippines. If you are then following our dating advice will certainly help you achieve your objectives! Sign up and start Trans Dating today!