So, you have been reading part 1 of of the 13 basic principles of dating a transgender woman and now we are back with the second part of basic rules how to TS dating works.

Again, these rules don’t drive anybody into the rigid framework. We just give some little tips to make your dating experience nice and successful.

7. Avoid asking her old/real name

Even if you’re very curious to know the name given her at birth, it’s not a good idea to ask about. Just accept the fact that her second name is still her real name and everybody has a right to take another name if they are dissatisfied with the choice of their parents. At same time, phrases kind of “I’m trying to know you better” is not an explanation of such question.

8. Ask what her plans for the future

Most of the girls set big goals and see no obstacles in reaching them. Some of them seek to achieve an increase of the corporate ladder. Another dream to travel all over the world. These are the things that most accurately describe them and that they want to discuss.

9. “Passable” or “feminine” are not compliments

If you want to say something nice and pleasant, avoid complimenting how successfully they passed a gender transition. It’s a long and requiring lots of efforts process which they did for themselves first of all and therefore they don’t need anybody’s approval.

10. Make a compliment to her general look as a woman

“You look absolutely gorgeous today” is perfectly suited as a compliment. You would nobody hurt also saying: “Your hair looks amazing.”

11. Do not ask them if they ever worked in the sex industry

It’s pretty private topic which is better not touch until the girl is ready to discuss it. Most of the people don’t know how it’s hard to be transgender and what obstacles trans girls face searching a descent job. However, not all girls step on this path – they also go college and afterwards can be financially supported by their family until they find a regular job. In any case, asking about such things your words may sound offensive and stereotyping towards the girl.

12. She is not a fetish

If you saw some wild sexy stuff in porn and now you think that you love trans girls then you came to the wrong conclusion. Because you are mistaken if you think that they will make all those things you’ve seen and liked in that video. Don’t make from trans girl an object of your desires or fetish, in other words.

13. Think also about cisgender women

The easiest way to know are you moving in the right direction with the trans woman, simply think first: “Would I act the same towards a cisgender woman?” or “Would I ask a cisgender woman such things?” If the answer to these question is “No”, then just don’t do that. Transgender women deserve the same amount of respect and acceptance as any other people in the world.

We hope these advice’s were helpful to you and in case you were wondering about where could you find a trans girlfriend, then just join MyTransgenderCupid right now.