I’m sure many men have been tempted to date Trans women. Especially over the last few years when hardly a week goes by without some new article or feature in the media about a Transgender beauty.

Social media has a got a lot to be thanked for. Not least for connecting people who may have otherwise remained unconnected! You Tube, Instagram and Tik Tok are all amazing tools which all allow people to learn more about other people in other parts of the country or world. Trans people, gay people, or types of people you’ve never heard of before! Helping reveal and educate more and more about the astounding diversity of the human race.

You never know, one day, all of those bigoted, narrow minded people may just accept people who are different as just people. But maybe, right now, that's too much to ask, especially where Trans matters are concerned. Yet time will continue to change attitudes as it has been doing even in the last 10 years. Think back. The changes have been amazing. Transgender people still have many obstacles to overcome but at least the term "Trans" is on many people’s lips.

Trans dating site have helped focus attention on Transgender women

Also, with so many Transgender dating sites now available on line, with women from all over the US, UK, Europe and elsewhere looking to date, it’s never been easier to connect with a Transgender woman. Men who wondered just how to connect with a Trans beauty can now do so easily. And from the comfort of their homes. No more bar or club-crawling looking for that elusive transwomen. A few clicks on your mouse or touchpad and there’s a bevy of beauties looking to date.

So, why date a Trans woman? Why have so many men around the world have fallen for a Trans woman and enjoy steady long-term relationships with such a woman?

Let’s start with an obvious one:

  1. beauty and grooming: just take a look at the Trans women one some of the more popular dating sites. Very attractive, well-groomed and turned out. Sure, they are going to put their best photos forward for their dating profiles, but it’s well known that transgenders try that much harder to look good and take a little extra care with their appearance than genetic women.

    It might be as they feel they have something to prove or it might simply be that Trans women have something special which enables them to highlight their looks better;

    Then there are others:
  2. Just like dating regular women…, but without the hassles: if you always bear in mind that Transgender women are emotionally female, you will realize that dating a Trans woman can be similar to regular dating. A beautiful woman by your side, enjoying each other’s company, having fun and so on. But without the hassles. No “time of the month” and hormonal issues. No petty fighting over you spending more time with your friends or work colleagues than her. No real hassles with a Trans woman. She will know far better how a man’s mind works;
  3. determination and drive to succeed having faced challenges and difficulties most of her life, even from her own family, many Trans gender woman are driven to succeed. Driven to show that they are better than others: both other women and even men. Educationally better, more successful career wise and so on. If you want someone with spirt and who can rise to a challenge, a Transgender woman is a great bet to conquer obstacles in her way. And she’ll work with you to overcome them;
  4. sexual prowess: it’s often said that a Trans woman has a longer lasting sex drive, ie she is not going to suddenly go off sex after having children (as she can’t) or in her late 30’s or early 40’s when is man is just getting “warmed up”, as it were. Her libido may be stronger as somewhere there will be testosterone in her body but, maybe, more importantly, a Trans woman will know what a man really likes. Really, really likes. Then there is the versatility. transgenders can offer a number of permutations when it comes to matters of the bedroom. But best leave you to work that out for yourself as it all depends on the Transgender woman you are in a relationship with and the stage of her transition—and, of course her own particular preferences!

And finally: TS dating a Trans woman will take away all of your prejudices. And you’ll be able to convince your friends just how lucky YOU are…


As a proud transgender woman, I'm an award-winning blogger blending my unique life experiences with a Bachelor's degree in Communication. Known for my linguistic expertise and dynamic writing style, I specialize in CBD, SEO, music, technology, and digital marketing sectors.